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4 Ways To Blossom A Relationship With A Capricorn Man Into A Full-Fledged Love

If you and a Capricorn are casually seeing each other but you’d like to get more serious with your commitment, then you’ve come to the right place. Capricorns are notoriously difficult to woo, so I can almost guarantee that making your way here for a little assistance was a good call on your part.

What can you be doing to make the Capricorn start getting butterflies over you? How long will it take? And what traits should you exaggerate to get him seeing you as soulmate material?

As a Relationship Astrologer, I’m blessed enough to be able to help people like you nail down their love interests, like your Capricorn guy. All of the answers to those questions and more lie ahead for you. Keep an open mind and heart, and keep on reading to satisfy your curiosity!

4 Ways To Blossom A Relationship With A Capricorn Man Into A Full-Fledged Love

1. Don’t Make Sex The Top Priority

Ways To Improve A Relationship With A Capricorn

Capricorns aren’t asexual by any means, but you’ll look more like their type if you don’t make getting it on all that you’re there for. They’d like you to see them as “not like other guys” in this sense. They pride themselves on looking beneath the surface to the high-quality person underneath the sexy exterior. 

You should take into account where the two of you are in your relationship with one another since it will assist you in tweaking your approach to sex in a way that will keep him viewing you as a potential love interest! 

If the two of you are already having sex, then that’s great and you should continue to do so, but don’t make it your top focus. Capricorns aren’t often caught up in the throes of passion and even when they are, it’s still not top priority to them to have a sizzling sex life. 

If you two have not had sex, then don’t rush it. Capricorns aren’t here for the sex (a nice change of pace, don’t you think?), they’re here because they sensed something of substance within you! They want to know you first, and get jiggy with you later… who are these guys??

2. Keep Flirting Low-Key

Flirting Low-Key With A Capricorn Man

Capricorns are the type of guys who like to operate below the radar. They appreciate the type of people who respect this. This is not the kind of guy who would appreciate you asking him out on a big billboard or written by a plane in the sky. 

The Capricorn likes smaller, more meaningful gestures. They don’t see a big, grand display as the ultimate way to woo him. He sees it as tacky and gaudy, in fact. If you try it with him then he will likely begin to distance himself from you immediately rather than come closer to you and see you as his long-term lover.

Capricorns take what you say seriously, so they actually don’t need you to tell them over and over how much they mean to you. Rather, they will feel best when you tell them sparingly. They know that you meant it the first time and every additional time cheapens the experience for them. He’d feel better to hear a loving comment once in a while than over and over again. 

Capricorns like subtlety and coolness, and big displays and over the top behavior will never get them swooning over you and seeing you as their end game lover. Rather, give them a light touch of the hand, a small wink, and a nudge under the table. These will get the Capricorn’s motor running like no other! 

3. Let Him Make The Next Step

Capricorn Man Taking The Next Step

Capricorns have one speed: slow and steady. They know that just like the best chili, it is best to let things simmer on low. As it turns out, Capricorn is also the type of sign who is practically immoveable once he sets his course. 

For you, this means that you shouldn’t try to rush him. I know that waiting around for this guy to make a move can feel like watching grass grow. However, I can promise you that by getting behind him and shoving him along you’ll feel like you’re trying to move a mountain: it’s just not happening. 

My advice is to think of this as an opportunity to enjoy the ride. Love with a Capricorn man is a journey, not a destination. His love accumulates like a high yield stock. The rewards are great but it takes a long time to get there. 

One thing I can say is that once your Capricorn guy is in, he’s in for the long haul. He’s ruled by Saturn and Saturn is stable and secure in general. Saturn also takes 29 years to go around the Sun. Hopefully you won’t wait 29 years for him to declare his love to you, though. Just be prepared to wait for him to make his move. When the time comes, he won’t be afraid to act. 

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4. Tell Him Your Goals & How You’ll Get There

Capricorns don’t impress easily. This is because only things of real substance are worth their time, and so much of modern society is snake oil and cheap tactics. Capricorns want to give their time, money, and love to things that are truly, genuinely worth their effort. 

One thing that does actually impress the Capricorn is hard working, goal-oriented people. Capricorns know what they are capable of, but they don’t know what others are. If you lay out your goals and your method of achieving them, it shows him that you are a lot like him: reliable and bound to be successful. 

Capricorn thinks of love as an investment. He won’t invest in someone who is going nowhere. His goal is to make sure that the person he is spending time and money on is going to give him the same in return. Someone who wants to be successful will certainly be able to pay him and his efforts back one day, and he will feel free to fall in love if he has that guarantee. 

Are you in a full-fledged love with your Capricorn guy? What did you do to get to this great high point in your relationship? Let us all know down below!

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

  • Hi my name is vanessa I love a caparicorn man I don’t think he love me but I know he like me alot he would check on me to make sure I got to work safely today he call me and said he’s coming to my house to get a big kiss he never did that before we both laugh more over the phone. Now how would I know when he love me.

    • Hi Vanessa Copeland!

      It sounds like he really cares about you but the only way you’ll know that he loves you is if he spends most of his free time with you, talks to you frequently, and tells you how he feels. When he’s in love, he’ll typically tell the woman he cares about how he feels. Give it time though and be patient with him. Let him do this at a pace that is comfortable to him. You can tell him that you really like him and that you’d like to build something with him but then you’ve got to let him take it from there. I hope this helps but if you need more, check out my books on “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

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