How To Attract A Capricorn Man In May 2021

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to attract a Capricorn man in May 2021? The planets change every month, and events in May might be significantly different then what you're expecting.

It’s Taurus season, a fellow earth sign and deeply grounded, sensual, and artistic sign. Taurus is practical, modest, and romantic, yet has equal measures of inner stability and intelligence! The Capricorn man feels comfortable in a Taurus month. He is in tune with his strengths and himself, and this allows him to be open in communication style. There’s also a Lunar Eclipse this month which is amplifying his visionary self. He’s feeling more in tune with his craft or artistic talents, so there are many ways you can find a connection. 

How To Attract A Capricorn Man In May 2021

1. Stay Clear Of Pessimistic Thinking

Pessimistic Woman Attracting A Capricorn Man In May 2021

It’s essential that you stay positive this month. Optimistic thinking is in diviner order, there’s no room for pessimism. Capricorn is one of the few signs who does have a tendency towards negative thinking. This is because he’s ruled by Saturn, the planet of limitations, structure, and karma – and this includes the accumulation of our negative karmas. 

Whether being optimistic or self-doubting and hard on himself, the Cap man will always be thinking about his past actions, words and speech and how he’s treated others. He is naturally sweet and caring. 

Many people only see or recognize this man’s ambitious and level-headed side; however, he has a deeply generous and loving personality. Thus, he is genuinely concerned with the well-being of others. 

Keep conversation and energy flow positive and inspiring. Try not to feed his insecurities or let him start or continue a conversation based on self-pity, some past wrong-doing (which has no real significance!) or anything negative. 

There is a lot of opportunity and beautiful brilliance this month, and dwelling on the past or anything that doesn’t add to his talents or your connection is pointless. It’s devolving…

2. Connect To His Idealistic Self

Directly linked to the first tip, the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on the 26th is occurring in creative and spirited Sagittarius. Creative talents and passions, ‘vision,’ and idealistic themes are all on the horizon equally providing opportunities for intimacy. The Capricorn man is all about authentic bonds, intimacy and developing an emotional connection in addition to a psychological and intellectual one. 

You can set yourself above the rest and make yourself stand out by introducing new topics and themes. Think out of the box and non-conventionally – conservative and traditional topics don’t favor as well, especially in the three days before and after the Lunar Eclipse. 

Sagittarius represents our desire to reach for the stars… the Sagittarius glyph is actually the Archer, and the Archer shoots his arrow to higher things, to the heavens. Combined with the fact that Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of philosophy, higher learning, spiritual ideals, and self-expansion, Capricorn is feeling the pull towards aiming higher.

Perhaps start a conversation about metaphysics, the natural and esoteric laws of the universe, and spiritual topics. Find unique ways to bring in warmth and intimacy through mind-expanding conversation. 

Don’t pay it safe and certainly don’t think that just because Capricorn is one of the most traditional signs you need to keep conversation limited. Change the box into a circle, and transcend societal norms! This month’s Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is influencing every one of us.

3. Be Subtle And Romantic

Attracting A Capricorn Man In May 2021

Taurus season is making the Capricorn man deeply romantic. His innate qualities of sweetness, gentleness, kindness, and generosity are being brought to light. The ruling planet of the Astrological season always hits us too, so Venus (Taurus’ ruler) is shining it’s beautiful and femininely sensual light on us. 

Think in terms of natural beauty, sensuality, romance, and luxury this May. What brings the most pleasure to you, him, and your new relationship (or connection)? Venus is symbolic of the positive path of pleasure, pleasure-seeking and following our highest joys. Offering him a sensual massage with essential oils, playing him some soulful jazz or acoustic soul music over a luxurious and nutritious dinner, showing him your favorite art or musicians, and anything along these lines are perfect choices to win him over.

Subtly rules over gregarious or loud displays of attraction and affection too. Make small and soft gestures. Ooze sensuality, magnetic charm, and charisma. And eye contact is majorly attractive this month! 

You can tell a lot about someone based on how able they are to hold another’s gaze. Can you keep your eyes locked while speaking or listening? How long are you able to keep eye contact – do you shy away and feel timid or nervous, or can you stare fiercely and confidently into his eyes? Eyes are gateways to the soul; they speak in a silent language to the people we interact with. Show your beauty and positive aura through powerful eye contact!

If you feel more comfortable with a masculine and electric approach, wait until after the 19th when the Sun enters Gemini. Although Capricorn and Gemini aren’t typically compatible, Capricorn can appreciate Gemini’s intelligent and cerebrally gifted nature. There is a lightness of spirit, a brightness too, from the 20th. More on this in the next point.

4. Keep A Cracking Sense Of Humor…

Joking With A Capricorn Man In May 2021

Capricorn has a wicked sense of humor. Despite his seemingly stoic and serious approach, the Capricorn man loves to laugh and keep people entertained. This guy is a dream for people who resonate with his quirky and modest nature. (You might want to check out your compatibility.) 

He definitely isn’t humorous in the way a Sagittarius or Gemini are, but he has one of the brightest minds around. He can crack jokes in a way that connects to passive and introverted types, lighting their spirits and lifting them up out of their shells. He has a magnetic personality and his sensitivity are pure and beautiful. 

The best thing you could do is to appreciate his skill in this area. Understand and consider that he is a receptive and passive earth sign, and this means his style is very different to the fire and air signs – who are generally considered the most enthusiastic and high-spirited of the Zodiac. 

Laugh at his jokes, smile at him with strong eye contact in a knowing, almost telepathic, way. Tell him with your laughter, body language, and subtle movements that you “get him.” Let him shine and be the one to uplift you. 

He loves to believe he brings positivity and optimism into people’s lives, and in a relationship, he needs a partner who not only understands but also loves his sense of humor. Show him you care and admire him through warmth and an open heart!

5. Let Intuition Flow

All the sensual and subtle energy of the month is bringing to light his intuitive side. The Capricorn man is silently and subtly intuitive, though he doesn’t always show it! So, you should be mindful that he is deeply intuitive, and intuition is linked to instincts

Instincts are our primal and ‘behind the scenes’ feelings and impressions. They’re birthed from everything below the surface, our desires, emotions, and animal or primal urges. Instinctual responses are linked to our need for security and survival, everything connected to the earth element and grounding. 

Take some time to go within to access your own instincts, as strong instincts lead to intuition. There is so much magnetic charm and chemistry floating around in the ether, and this is clearly a month favoring earth and water signs. 

The great thing about Astrology is it’s not only the Sun sign that influences us; we also have our Moon, Venus and Rising/Ascendant signs that positively impact how receptive we are to subtle and feminine energy. Therefore, find ways to let your intuitive mind and self-shine through in conversation. 

The best way to do this is to appreciate the silence, the spaces in between mind, chatter, and movement or sound. Capricorn doesn’t require constant talking and he is quite happy to share some moments of silence with you. This further allows empathy and enhanced feeling to flow, in addition to an increase in positive instincts and intuition. 

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Final Thoughts & Key Astrological Transits

Uncover more Capricorn Man Secrets to find out more about this charming and self-controlled man. There is so much positive Astrology in the air this month! Just remember that some of his strengths include discipline, responsibility and loving security and stability. Any flirting should be done in a grounded way…

Wishing you light, love, and all the luck in the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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