How To Get A Capricorn Man Back After Things Have Ended

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer

Have you found yourself lost in a break up that you’ve encountered with your Capricorn guy? Perhaps you feel like it’s about to end and want to stop it before it starts. I can help you learn how to make up with a Capricorn man after a fight. 

How to fix things with Capricorn man exactly? Here’s how to get a Capricorn man back and preserve your love. Pay attention and read closely so you can mend your relationship.

How Bad Was the Breakup Really?

One of the things to consider is what caused the break up in the first place. This is something you have to think about when you’re thinking about how to win a Capricorn man back.  

Was it as nasty break up or was it amicable? There is a clear difference between the two and it will play a role on whether he’ll be receptive to you or not.

If you were nasty and broke it off with him; he’ll likely see this as a form of betrayal. That will be hard for him to overcome and if there is any chance; it will take him time to process your mistake.

In the case that he broke it off; again; it will depend on if it was in the heat of the moment or if it was something he carefully considered and was as nice as he could be about it.

The heat of the moment breakups can typically be rectified if the two people really care for each other. Everyone says things they don’t mean when they’re angry.

So if this was the case with the two of you; the right course of action is to apologize if you are indeed at fault. If you are not the one at fault; it may be a bit trickier.

Perhaps telling him you understand what happened and you know the two of you can work past it; he may fess up and apologize. He’s a hardass at times though so it won’t come easy.

Assess by sitting back and viewing the break up as though you’re an outsider. You may actually be able to see where it went wrong and what you can do to patch things up with your Capricorn man.

Once you’re able to see the other side of the coin then perhaps you’ll better see what needs to be done or said with your guy. You could have a light bulb moment that inspires you in the best ways imaginable.

Are You Speaking to One Another?

how to get a capricorn man back

If the two of you are still on speaking terms then there is still hope. In the case that he’s cut you totally off and doesn’t want to talk to you at all; this could indicate being joined again isn’t possible.

Talking to each other helps open up the door to communication. Communication then can lead to possibly working things out. Often time lovers remain friends and if you still care for one another; anything is possible.

Try being friends for awhile and see how that goes. Healing is better accessed when the two of you are able to forge a new bond. This could take time but honestly, it may be better than trying to rush things.

All of this is pending on how bad the break up was, of course. You can’t force him to do a thing. If he felt that the relationship wasn’t even close to what he really wanted; that could also be a problem.

You won’t know though unless you become his friend again and establish some clear lines of communication. Doing that will make it so that you two can open up to each other over time.

Friendship is extremely important in the beginning of the relationship with Capricorn man just as it is throughout and even after. Be mindful of that fact. Learning all you can is important.

All of this information is how to  make up with a Capricorn man after a fight. Be sure you pay close attention to everything I’m telling you in this article as it will be useful for your future.

Swoon Him All Over Again

You’ll have to be a bit tricky because if he realizes you’re trying to seduce him; he may cut you off at the pass. Make it smooth by trying to compliment him on things he’s doing right.

Compliment how he looks, how accomplished he is, etc. He loves positive feedback and uplifting words. His ego loves to be stroked so go for it. Don’t go overboard though or he will realize what you’re doing and stop you.

Remember; he’s a very proud man and he’s also very stubborn. You cannot control him or the way he is. All you can really control is yourself and your own actions.

Do your best to romance him on the down low. The sneakier you are; the less he’ll notice. At some point; he’ll look at you differently and consider whether it was right to let you go or not.

He is a romantic guy and so if you know the things he likes; you can send him small gifts. When he asks you why you did it; you can explain that you were just thinking of him and figured he’d like it.

Be smooth and calm in whatever you do or say with him. He can detect when someone isn’t being genuine. This method can also be how to make a Capricorn man miss you after breakup.

How to Get a Capricorn Man Back

how to get a capricorn man back

You will have to be very smooth when it comes to getting a Capricorn man back into your life. You’ll also need to be patient and understanding of his level of hurt or upset.

How to fix things with a Capricorn man can seem very complicated and nearly impossible. It’s not as impossible as you may think. The truth is all you really need to do is tell Capricorn man how you feel about him.

Telling the man you love how you feel, what he means to you and what you’d like to have with him is how you can win a Capricorn man back into your world.

The other thing is, you need to work at trying to figure out how to get a Capricorn man to miss you after breakup. You’ve got to give him reasons to remember you fondly.

Send him sweet messages that highlight your care for him, how much you miss him, what he means to your life, how special he is, and how you miss his touches or caresses.

You can send him thoughtful gifts that he cannot resist. You can also send him a sweet card with poetry on it. He’ll appreciate the artistic approach you’re taking to make him feel good.

There is no such thing as too much effort. I wouldn’t say you should bombard him because doing that would freak him out or make him go cold. It’s about quality more than quantity.

When you send him messages, emails, or gifts, do it with some space in between. It’s important to give him a little breathing room so he doesn’t get overwhelmed.

I believe you’ll do what it takes to learn how to make up with a Capricorn man. I do hope that this will all put things in perspective for you. You need to know how to handle this properly.

This is definitely how to win a Capricorn man back in full force. Be sure you’re on top of your game and do what it takes if you really love him.

Conclusion – Be What He Needs

Lastly, there is more about how to make a Capricorn man miss you after breakup. This is super crucial for you to remember as you’re on your quest to get your guy’s affection back.

You should never be anything but who you naturally are. Changing yourself FOR someone isn’t going to win you any favors. It’s actually best for you to enhance your best features.

If you’re a caring and loving woman; show him that side of yourself. Work on bringing out the best in your caring personality. Prove to him you are what you say you are. This is how to fix things with a Capricorn man.

Whatever your best qualities are; make sure that he’s able to experience them. That was likely why he liked you in the first place. Remind him what he may have lost and he may want it back.

There is always a chance that it may not work as there is free will involved. However; there is also a chance that it may work and you’ll be able to have that man you love back.

Just do your best and keep pushing forward on your own life path. When it’s meant to be; it will happen. Just do NOT try to push him to get back with you and don’t bug him.

The last thing you want is for him to be irritated by you and decide to completely cut you off thus eliminating all hope that may have been there. Give it time, go easy, and let him figure out what he wants.

This will aid you as far as how to make up with a Capricorn man after a fight as well as for helping you in the long term. Being the woman he fell for in the first place is how to get a Capricorn man back.

Be your very best and know that even if it doesn’t work, you gave your all. Learn more about what the Capricorn man is like by clicking here.

One more thing…I find really interesting is, did you know that tall and sexy actor; Liam Hemsworth is a Capricorn man? He looks a lot like his brother Chris but his personality is very different.

Next time you see him in a movie, remember that and see if you cannot peg his personality by the way he acts. I bet you can!

Did you lose a Capricorn man but won him back? What did you do to bring him into your life again? Tell me!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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28 thoughts on “How To Get A Capricorn Man Back After Things Have Ended

  1. I met a cap online, long distance and we ended up liking one another. He called it off as he was stressed out from multiple areas of his life. He ended it, we never met like we were suppose to. Never fought, it ended neutral and civil. We haven’t spoken since October ish. Even though it wasn’t official it hit me hard.

  2. I have been in a relationship with him for almost a year, and I did him wrong. I did not cheat but I hung out with an Ex and he found out. He has cut me off completely. Do I have a chance to fix this?

  3. Hi, I have been through the same thing with a Capricorn. We’re 2 miles away ,it’s ridiculous right ? I know but I have never met him too and I liked him so much . Our problem was that he is Spanish and I’m Moroccan. But he ended things .

  4. I’ve been with my Cap for 6 years and I feel it’s comign to an end. We had an argument over something little and he blew all the way up and hung up on me. Haven’t spoke to him in two days, going on to 3. He is giving me the silent treatment like he continuously does. And it messes me mentally. I hate it and won’t stand for it. He says he’ll tell me the truth about what’s going on and I cannot wait to hear him out.! I want to know WHAT IS REALLY THE MATTER! Oh yes I can handle the truth, it’s the mind games I can’t handle !!!!

  5. I been with a Capricorn for 3 months and 2 months long distance. He recently ended it because he had a lot to deal with and said I wasn’t making it any better. All I wanted to do was talking to him since I was going thru things myself that wasn’t as serious but I just wanted to talk to him. He has never acting like that before he got into a situation… we promised that we’ll never leave each other and planned on having a future together. Should I just give him space

    1. Hi E! Thanks for writing in about your Capricorn experience. They tend to be cooled off or reserved when they’re going through difficult situations. This makes them seem uncaring when really it’s sort of a defense mechanism. Even you just talking to him (especially about your own problems) made him feel pressured to have to give to you while trying to cope with something else. It’s not necessarily nice but he needs better coping skills. If you’d like to know more about the Capricorn man and what to do, check out my book.


    1. Hi SNEHA!

      If you want to be back together with him then you may want to try talking to your Capricorn man and telling him how you feel. Tell him what you want with him and let him decide if he still wants to try or if he’s really done. He should be pretty truthful with you when you ask. It’s better to try than not right? Give it a shot and see what happens!

  7. I am in love with a Capricorn man. But I am finding it more work and I expected. I am an Aries. we are actually step cousins we met when we were twelve course we grew up and married other people and we’re on separate ways and later in life we found that we always had romantic feelings for each other he called me up out of the blue 2 years ago and came into my life when we were both in our 50s. There is such a amazing bond between us some kind of romantic kindred spirit connection but he is very afraid and very reluctant to commit. I have talked to him I express my feelings to him all the time in various ways I also stepped back and give him lots of space. Aactually there is no answer I don’t think with the Capricorn man. they turn things almost everything into a cat and mouse game and they will leave you or turn their back on you or give you the cold shoulder in a second if you misbehave. Let me rephrase that, what they see is misbehave. You have to really decide if you want this man because he really will put you through the mill. I’m still in the mill. in fact I actually turned to astrology to help me understand him about 3 months ago and I have been reading absolutely everything I can get my eager hands on and it Christian to following up a tarot card readings.

    1. Hi KimmyJo!

      Yes, it’s lots of work and lots of patience for sure. Aries aren’t the best with patience. Capricorn men tend to over analyze and think about things far too much. Yes, they can make mountains out of molehills for sure. That’s who they are. You’re still in your relationship which means you really care. I’m glad that astrology has been helping you sweetheart. It can be a very useful tool! I hope you read “Capricorn Man Secrets” as it will be quite revealing for you.

  8. Hello,

    I was in a relationship with my cap for 6 1/2 months and he broke it off last July. His reason was we weren’t on the same page and he felt like we weren’t emotionally connecting. I gave him space and didn’t talk to him for a month. I initiated first and started talking to him again and wanted to be friends with him. Things became complicated because I still have feelings for him and we’re hooking up. How can I get him to fall for me and be on the same page again?

    1. Hi Lien!

      Well if you’re hooking up with him while being friends then you have established a FWB with him and he may never want to get out of that comfort zone to be more. I would suggest you tell him how you’re feeling and that you’d like to try again otherwise he’s going to proceed as it’s been and will be none the wiser and won’t do anything to change. You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

  9. I’ve recently got into a relationship with a Cap been together for 5 months he had a crush on me in school and 4 years later we’ve ended up getting together he was everything I’ve always wanted the sweetest guy ever recently I’ve found out some things went on between a ex and my sister and it dented my relationship with my siblings I’ve expressed it with him we’ve talked and everything then we broke up he stated we should focus on ourselves everything I was going through with my family he didn’t have the energy for like I really like this guy how can I get him back he was everything I’ve wished for

    1. Hi Kar!

      It sounds like you’re going to have to give him some time to work through what he has on his mind. I think he was pretty explanatory as far as what needs to happen. He feels that you both need to work on yourselves before you try to have a relationship between each other. Give him some time and space. Things just may change with time. You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

  10. My Capricorn man and I have been dating just under two years. He is my best friend and we spent every waking moment together. The love we have for eachother is undeniable. We don’t even hang out with anyone else because we are so in love that we constantly want to be with eachother and the whole world seems to fall away. I’m a Sagittarius with a Capricorn moon and Venus, he is a Capricorn with a Sagittarius moon. We moved in with eachother basically the week we met because it was instantly a feeling of finally finding your soulmate. I started lashing out when I drank too much and as a Sagittarius, my big mouth got the the best of me. I kicked him out of our apartment in an explosive fight we had over a pregnancy scare (his parents live 15 minutes away). I said some things in anger I can never take back. He moved out and though we still talk every day, he’s cold in a way I’ve never seen, he was always the most romantic sweet prince to me and would apologize even when I was in the wrong. It’s veen a week now if not seeing eachother after being glued at the hip for two years and never spending a day apart. Sometimes I feel we are growing back together and he acts like my best friend again and other times he makes it clear he is at a crossroads and doesn’t know if I’ll ever change. I’m begging him to give me a chance, I’d do anything to take back the angry words I said and kicking him out. I never want to hurt him like that again and I am truly ashamed. I didn’t realize until it was too late that we handle anger very differently, I make it obvious when I’m upset and am quick to forgive and forget. He pretends it doesn’t bother him and holds it in until one day he explodes. I’m so worried he will decide to let the magical connection we have go. I’d do anything to win him back. Any advice you have or brutal honesty is greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi LG!

      It would seem it’s going to take him awhile to get over the painful things you may have said that hurt his pride. Capricorn men tend to hold a grudge too so that’s going to take awhile for him to let go of. Now that you’ve learned about your anger differences, you should tell him you realize that and you’d like to work on making it better. Tell him you don’t want a repeat of what happened before and you will do everything you can not to let that happen. All you can do is your best sweetheart. Give it a shot! You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

  11. My Capricorn man and I have been in a strong loving relationship for 3 years and 4 months. We were so in love and I love him unconditionally. Through years of flings he has never fallen in love or had a girlfriend until he met me. He’s my soul mate and we aren’t just lovers but best friends and partners in every aspect and love eachother for who we are good or bad. In the start of our relationship I hurt him a lot because I was self sabotaging because of cheating past relationships. He wanted to leave but stayed because he loved me and forgave me fully. But as a result he made a deal with himself that he will stay and love me but on the condition of no marriage with me in the future. Recently I found out he recently cheated on me. He came clean and told me everything and of any instances where he’s done wrong by me. We met yesterday to talk about it and after he apologised I forgave him as he forgave me. He then told me he doesn’t want to be in a relationship anymore, not just with me but with anyone. Partially because he felt guilt inside for a long time because of the no marriage deal he made with himself but also because he just doesn’t want to be in any kind of relationship and wants to focus on his career and body goals. He then said he doesn’t love me anymore but likes me a lot. After that he said he wants me to make a decision to either stay in each others lives and go out or see eachother from time to time and even have intimate relations with each other, or if I don’t feel comfortable we can just stay in eachothers lives etc but no intimate relations if I don’t feel comfortable or if I want to completely cut him off. He said what he would want is the first choice he suggested. And that he will not tell his friends or anyone that we have broken up. He is very private anyway about his personal life to most people. And he said I am everything he ever wanted in a woman and more, that any guy couldn’t even dream to have someone like me and that he knows he’s stupid for breaking up with me but that he can’t help his mind because he’s been trying to convince himself to not be in love with me anymore because of the marriage thing and doesn’t want to string me along because of the guilt he has with himself of allowing his heart to conquer his mind for most of our relationship. He also said that if I go for first or second choice he would only spend his time and money on me and that no girl could ever take my place or be better than me. And that yes he may talk to other girls just because he can because we are no longer in a relationship but if I chose one of those 2 options he wouldn’t want or have to have anything intimate with them. After that we chilled at home had a few laughs ended up having intimate relationship and he was so sweet always kissing my hands and forehead when we were talking, even telling me that he loves me multiple times over a few hours but later when he got home and I asked him if he meant it he said sorry he should control himself from saying it and that he was just used to saying it but he likes me a lot and cares for me.

    I’m so confused on what I should do, I love him so much and would do anything to get him back for good and have him fall back in love with me.

  12. I was with a capricorn man for 7 months . We had a fight over giving me the attention I gave him. Mutual respect. He then sent me a message and broke it off. Said he didn’t want to be in a serious relationship. I gave him 2 days and messaged him. We talk everyday and have became fwb. I want to be with him. He says he wants to be friends with me but still has feelings for me. I feel like its a game. How do I make him want me back.

  13. I contacted him and told him my problem and after 24 hours, my Husband came back and promised never to leave me again______________He has cure to some health issues like herpes,..It’s amazing I’m a big fan of you {{ Robinsonbuckler11@ gmail com }}…………….

    1. Hi Alice!

      Wow! Sounds like he’s getting himself figured out which is great! Now the articles can give you excellent information but if you really want to dig deep when it comes to Capricorn, you should check out my books on Capricorn Man Secrets. It may give you some information you wouldn’t have otherwise. Be careful though with herpes darling. That’s not something you want to have. Take your time and make him work for it.

  14. Me and the Capricorn man have been talking since last October, we met on Okc, we started to talk frequently and flirt since January, I’m cancer in both sun and moon.
    We met only once because we are in long distance, I’ve been always sweet and somehow patient, but yesterday when I asked him about his opinion on long distance relationship, he showed me his commitment issue, I then turn very emotional and sad, then sent him a long message, and told him I’ll wait.
    This morning we sent each other morning message(I initiated), after that I sent other two messages, one is about something for curing his muscular pain, one is for apologizing for being emotional yesterday, but half day passed, he still hasn’t written back any single word, but I’m afraid he’d pull back and turn cold now.
    Looking forward to hearing your opinion on this. Thank you

    1. Hi Lili!

      Well if he is afraid of commitment then this may be an issue for you. You would need to ask him why he fears it and would this ever change for him. You’re not going to know without asking. He should tell you why he has commitment issues. You need to know so you can decide how long you will wait or if you will just move on to find someone who will be there with you. Reach out to him and ask him. There is no harm asking for the truth. If he cares, he should tell you. If you’d like to learn more, check out my books on Capricorn man secrets.

  15. I was dating a Cap man through the pandemic last year. A few weeks before we broke up he became distant and less responsive to me. We had a fight after a holiday away as I felt things weren’t working and he said to me his feelings had not grown for me and he couldn’t see a future with me. This was hard for me to hear but I let him walk away.

    It’s been over six months now and I still miss him and think about things between us. I’ve tried reaching out and he has been responsive but nothing more than a few friendly replies. Is there still a chance with him or would he have completely moved on?

    1. Hi Mei!

      Well if the problem was that he could not get his feelings to grow and be on the same page with you, I don’t see anything changing there. I mean time always makes things possible but there is definitely not a clear path with this. He cannot make himself feel what isn’t there. I’m sure he cares for you otherwise he wouldn’t have told you the truth. He would have just ghosted you instead. He has respect for you. You can try to maintain a friendship with him and see if that gives you a better chance going forward but don’t dwell on it. It’s a good idea to take care of yourself and make your path ahead bright. Sending you blessings.

    2. I met a Capricorn man on bumble and we connected very well and I was only talking to him. All the other men didn’t catch my interest. We both work in the medical field, I’m an ER nurse and he flight Paramedic. After a while I ended up giving him my number because I wasn’t interested in keeping the bumble app. He would text me ALOT from videos of him or him flying to my hospital, audio recordings, texting me during work and home hours. He’s ask how my work day went or if I slept well, etc. We met at his base and talked shortly. We were physically attracted to each other and we planned to go to the beach that Friday. It was a romantic date walking by the beach and him taking photos of me from the moment I got to our hotel room. He carried me on his back so I wouldn’t get my heels Sandy. We had sex and he was very bashful afterwards sending me a video asking me if it was ok and for him it was really good. The next day I had a cosplay event and anime was something new to him but he accompanied me as he wanted to see my outfit and even helped me get ready ? I paid for our lunch since he paid for our dinner at the beach and he met my friends and sent me a video after telling me I’m a 10/10 just like our date and he was thankful for me getting his lunch and meeting my friends. A few days later I went to see him 45 min out of town where he lives and we had sex again, I didn’t stay as I had family matters to attend the next morning and he worked at 4AM anyways. He sent me a message saying “thank you for coming to see me, it really meant a lot to me and the sex was beautiful, you really are such a good girl”.

      He openly expressed his freaky and erotic side to me as well sexually and I told him although i wasn’t very experienced with that in previous relationships he told me we’d be exploring my deepest desires and horizons. He taught me to jitterbug to country song and talked about taking me to this country bar in his hometown of South Dakota. He even talked about watching anime with me and dressing up as a couple with me for next cosplay event

      Now this past week he’s gone dry on his texts and I tried giving space. I think where I messed up is not responding to him for 2 days because after that he got really cold with simply texting me once during the day.

      I asked him if he still wanted to talk or hang with me and he didn’t reply so 6 hours later I texted him “ I guess I was right” (because I asssumed he no longer wanted talk to me) next morning he asked “right about what?” and i responded “I thought you didn’t want to talk to me anymore” he later said “I like talking to you”. I replied saying “ I like talking to you too and I’ve missed you these past couple days”

      And those are his last word to me…(3 days ago).
      So I waited 24 hours and he didn’t respond to my last text.

      So I sent him a text saying “ how are you gonna tell me you like talking to me and then ignore me for 24 hours “

      His response was a video of him chipping wood with an axe? and he did that and at the end i heard him say “wait”.

      So I replied with a video at the gym and he simply replied with a working out emoji.
      I later asked him “ let’s hang out on your next day off since I’m off for next 8 days and he’s aware of it)

      (This was 2 days ago)

      Next day being October 20.2021, I sent him a video apologizing for whatever I did to hurt him out of I hurt him in any way and I miss him and hope he finds it in his heart to communicate with me.

      The iPhone showed he read my video but he didn’t reply, this was last night and I was woken up by a dream of him.

      I have really fallen for him he is not the typical Man I have dated before he is a true man hardworking country boy and such a gentleman. Idk why he tells me last he likes talking to me then becomes cold, I just don’t like the mind games either and was looking for direct answer and I was honest and expressed myself even apologizing for whatever I did to push him away (maybe not texting him for 2 days is the trigger root cause idk )

      I really want him back and as I replay all the videos and audios he sent me it just doesn’t make sense.

      He told me what he said was true and genuine and I felt that too, he said he wasn’t just saying what I wanted to hear. Talked about it as unit and doing things in future. I guess I’ve already messaged him too much and I didn’t want to come across as needy or annoying I was just seeking clarity and if he has lost interest in me I’m ok with handling rejection as I see it as redirection. I just don’t want mind games ?

      I also want to add he did open up telling me he wanted monogamous relationship with right person and after drawing closer to each other I told him I deleted my bumble as I had no use for it and he sent me an audio saying “ I’m also planning on deleting my bumble and I happy to hear you deleted yours”

      I want this man he’s perfect in my eyes and I have to no longer text him as maybe he needs space and I hope having sex first week we met isn’t the reason why I just don’t know what to think.

      1. Hi LadyKikyo!

        I am so sorry you’ve gone through all this stress with your Capricorn guy. They are hard headed and not really into the whole texting thing. Earth signs are weird about this. They tend to be more old fashioned and see texting as annoying. He doesn’t mind you texting him but he just doesn’t like doing it back unless you push him which at that point he starts to see as unnecessary drama. He would rather talk on the phone or see you in person. Try giving him the blow off and see what he does but before you do that tell him “I’d like to hear from you more via text so that I feel more assured about what we’re building”. He’ll understand that and hopefully adjust but if he doesn’t, he really doesn’t like talking that way. Call him up next time and say “hey when are you available so we can spend some time together” instead of texting it. Otherwise you can try the silent treatment for a few weeks and see if he reaches out to you. Personally I think the call would work better but you’ve got to find your own formula with him. I wish you all the best!

  16. Hi! I was in relationship with Capricorn man for a 4 months. Everything was fine and he showed that he is really interested and he looked like he is in love. He gave me so much attention and he was so caring. Before relationship he said to our mutual friends that he want something serious and that he is sure about his decision of being in relationship with me. As I said everything was fine and suddenly he just broke up with me telling me that he is not 100% in love (btw he just sent a message). The week after that I asked him to go out with me and discuss things. He accepted. He looked so cold but also like he is in very deep thoughts. I hugged him and he didn’t deny doing it. But he still said that he can’t give me a 100% and that’s why he is breaking up. After that I tried to figure it out because it wasn’t a reason for me and still isn’t. We work together and after break up I couldn’t see him anywhere. I felt like he was trying to avoid me or something. I am not sure if he was doing it because of himself or just wanted to give me a sign that he is moving on? Also, I think that he hooked up with another girl after break up, but just for sex. Is it another sign that he is moving on? Last week I noticed that he is looking after me when I walk by and when I talked to him about work he couldn’t look into my eyes. Is there any chance to get back together? 🙁

    1. Hi Libra96!

      What he said to you sounds like an excuse (the break up). Something else is going on and he doesn’t want to tell you the truth about it. He may have decided to focus on something or someone else thus giving you the shove off. The best thing you can do here is cut him loose. If he really cares for you he will be back. If you keep trying to talk to him or chase him, he will get even colder. Him hooking up with sex with another girl.. yeah. I’d say he’s done with the relationship. I’m so sorry honey. Try focusing on yourself and letting him go. If it’s meant to happen then he will be back but otherwise you need to heal and be open for someone else who will want what you do and will love you 100%! Sending you blessings!

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