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How To Get A Capricorn Man Back After Things Have Ended

Have you found yourself lost in a break up that you’ve encountered with your Capricorn guy? Perhaps you feel like it’s about to end and want to stop it before it starts. Here’s how to get a Capricorn man back and preserve your love.

How bad was the breakup?

One of the things to consider is what caused the break up in the first place. Was it as nasty break up or was it amicable? There is a clear difference between the two and it will play a role on whether he’ll be receptive to you or not.

If you were nasty and broke it off with him; he’ll likely see this as a form of betrayal. That will be hard for him to overcome and if there is any chance; it will take him time to process your mistake.

In the case that he broke it off; again; it will depend on if it was in the heat of the moment or if it was something he carefully considered and was as nice as he could be about it.

The heat of the moment breakups can typically be rectified if the two people really care for each other. Everyone says things they don’t mean when they’re angry.

So if this was the case with the two of you; the right course of action is to apologize if you are indeed at fault. If you are not the one at fault; it may be a bit trickier.

Perhaps telling him you understand what happened and you know the two of you can work past it; he may fess up and apologize. He’s a hardass at times though so it won’t come easy.

Assess by sitting back and viewing the break up as though you’re an outsider. You may actually be able to see where it went wrong and what you can do to patch things up with your Capricorn man.

Are you speaking to one another?

how to get a capricorn man back

If the two of you are still on speaking terms then there is still hope. In the case that he’s cut you totally off and doesn’t want to talk to you at all; this could indicate being joined again isn’t possible.

Talking to each other helps open up the door to communication. Communication then can lead to possibly working things out. Often time lovers remain friends and if you still care for one another; anything is possible.

Try being friends for awhile and see how that goes. Healing is better accessed when the two of you are able to forge a new bond. This could take time but honestly, it may be better than trying to rush things.

All of this is pending on how bad the break up was, of course. You can’t force him to do a thing. If he felt that the relationship wasn’t even close to what he really wanted; that could also be a problem.

You won’t know though unless you become his friend again and establish some clear lines of communication. Doing that will make it so that you two can open up to each other over time.

Swoon him all over again

You’ll have to be a bit tricky because if he realizes you’re trying to seduce him; he may cut you off at the pass. Make it smooth by trying to compliment him on things he’s doing right.

Compliment how he looks, how accomplished he is, etc. He loves positive feedback and uplifting words. His ego loves to be stroked so go for it. Don’t go overboard though or he will realize what you’re doing and stop you.

Remember; he’s a very proud man and he’s also very stubborn. You cannot control him or the way he is. All you can really control is yourself and your own actions.

Do your best to romance him on the down low. The sneakier you are; the less he’ll notice. At some point; he’ll look at you differently and consider whether it was right to let you go or not.

He is a romantic guy and so if you know the things he likes; you can send him small gifts. When he asks you why you did it; you can explain that you were just thinking of him and figured he’d like it.

Be smooth and calm in whatever you do or say with him. He can detect when someone isn’t being genuine.

Be what he needs

how to get a capricorn man back

You should never be anything but who you naturally are. Changing yourself FOR someone isn’t going to win you any favors. It’s actually best for you to enhance your best features.

If you’re a caring and loving woman; show him that side of yourself. Work on bringing out the best in your caring personality. Prove to him you are what you say you are.

Whatever your best qualities are; make sure that he’s able to experience them. That was likely why he liked you in the first place. Remind him what he may have lost and he may want it back.

There is always a chance that it may not work as there is free will involved. However; there is also a chance that it may work and you’ll be able to have that man you love back.

Just do your best and keep pushing forward on your own life path. When it’s meant to be; it will happen. Just do NOT try to push him to get back with you and don’t bug him.

The last thing you want is for him to be irritated by you and decide to completely cut you off thus eliminating all hope that may have been there. Give it time, go easy, and let him figure out what he wants.

Be your very best and know that even if it doesn’t work, you gave your all. Learn more about what the Capricorn man is like by clicking here.

6 thoughts on “How To Get A Capricorn Man Back After Things Have Ended

  1. I met a cap online, long distance and we ended up liking one another. He called it off as he was stressed out from multiple areas of his life. He ended it, we never met like we were suppose to. Never fought, it ended neutral and civil. We haven’t spoken since October ish. Even though it wasn’t official it hit me hard.

  2. I have been in a relationship with him for almost a year, and I did him wrong. I did not cheat but I hung out with an Ex and he found out. He has cut me off completely. Do I have a chance to fix this?

  3. Hi, I have been through the same thing with a Capricorn. We’re 2 miles away ,it’s ridiculous right ? I know but I have never met him too and I liked him so much . Our problem was that he is Spanish and I’m Moroccan. But he ended things .

  4. I’ve been with my Cap for 6 years and I feel it’s comign to an end. We had an argument over something little and he blew all the way up and hung up on me. Haven’t spoke to him in two days, going on to 3. He is giving me the silent treatment like he continuously does. And it messes me mentally. I hate it and won’t stand for it. He says he’ll tell me the truth about what’s going on and I cannot wait to hear him out.! I want to know WHAT IS REALLY THE MATTER! Oh yes I can handle the truth, it’s the mind games I can’t handle !!!!

  5. I been with a Capricorn for 3 months and 2 months long distance. He recently ended it because he had a lot to deal with and said I wasn’t making it any better. All I wanted to do was talking to him since I was going thru things myself that wasn’t as serious but I just wanted to talk to him. He has never acting like that before he got into a situation… we promised that we’ll never leave each other and planned on having a future together. Should I just give him space

    1. Hi E! Thanks for writing in about your Capricorn experience. They tend to be cooled off or reserved when they’re going through difficult situations. This makes them seem uncaring when really it’s sort of a defense mechanism. Even you just talking to him (especially about your own problems) made him feel pressured to have to give to you while trying to cope with something else. It’s not necessarily nice but he needs better coping skills. If you’d like to know more about the Capricorn man and what to do, check out my book.

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