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How to Know If a Capricorn Man Is Falling in Love with You?

Is he being nice to you but you aren’t sure if he just sees you as his best friend or if you’re someone that means a whole lot more when it comes to the Capricorn man? Keep reading to figure out how to know if a Capricorn man is falling in love with you.

Becomes Sensitive and Tender With You

Capricorn man is the type who is strong and doesn’t want to open up much to those he doesn’t know well. That being said, he tends to hold off on telling a woman how he feels or his deepest feelings about anything else.

When he finds someone he trusts with every fiber of his being, he will start to open up and tell her about how he feels about life, his world, and even about her. He’ll appear to be more sensitive than he ever let on before.

His tough exterior will suddenly seem like a ruse. He will see how much he really cares about the world, about humanity, and about her. This is a side that most people rarely see.

Capricorn man becomes a sweetheart to the woman he’s falling in love with. If you find that he’s opening up and becoming very endearing, he’s definitely starting to fall for you.

He may even act shy when he’s around the woman he’s in love with because he suddenly becomes that timid school boy who finds it hard to tell a girl he likes her. He’s really cute about it too!

He’ll be terribly romantic and someone that a woman really adores. It’s hard not to fall hard for a Capricorn man who shows signs of adoration for a woman who’s been waiting for him to show signs of care.

When it happens, it’s heavy, sweet, and will make a woman feel as though she’s queen of the entire world next to her Capricorn man’s side. So if you’re feeling like this, he’s in love with you.

Makes More Time Available

How to Know If a Capricorn Man Is Falling in Love with You

Just as with most other signs, the Capricorn man will want to make more time to see the woman he really cares about or is in love with. He’s a working guy who will pursue his career with passion and vigor.

He can become a workaholic if he isn’t careful. When he’s in love though, he’ll back off his work a little bit in effort to spend time with the woman he’s falling madly in love with.

If he suddenly starts squeezing in more time with you between working then you know he’s definitely falling hard for you. He doesn’t typically like to blow off his work for anything but for the woman he’s craving, he’ll do almost anything.

The Capricorn man isn’t the biggest social person so giving up other plans with other people won’t be that hard for him. He likely would prefer to make plans with his lady love than with other people who aren’t as close to him.

I’m not saying he’ll be willing to flake out on plans he may already have but he may suggest that his lady go along with him so that he can make an appearance and then take off together to enjoy their quiet time alone.

Capricorn men are serious guy but they will make time to be funny, caring, and show tenderness to a woman that they want to have a future with. He is very clear when he starts making time for you.

Spending Time In His Space

The private Capricorn man is one that doesn’t invite many into his personal space. His home is his castle that he doesn’t want any intrusions in. He will only allow those he’s close to into his home.

When he’s falling in love with someone, he will absolutely invite her over to spend time with him in his domain. He wants his lady to become comfortable in his space and he knows it helps the relationship form a deeper bond.

His home is his cave and so letting the woman he cares for in shows how much he wants to be with her and have her in his world. This is a huge sign that he’s falling in love or wants to deepen the union that has begun.

He knows it’s important for a relationship to blossom, he has to let his partner in or rather, potential partner. Sometimes he still isn’t ready to commit until after he’s taken some of these steps I’ve mentioned.

Just know that inviting you over for dinner, dessert, or asking you to come over to cook for him are all ways that a Capricorn man lets you know that he has deep feelings for you or is falling in love.

Acts Hot and Cold To Test You

How to Know If a Capricorn Man Is Falling in Love with You

Much like a Taurus man, the Capricorn guy will test your patience to make sure that you have “staying” ability. He won’t waste his time with a woman who flakes out at the first sign of turbulence.

The way he will tend to do this is by acting sweet and adoring as though he really wants things to go somewhere. He will then out of nowhere pull back and pretend that he’s unsure.

It could be that he is but if he gave off no other signs that he was losing interest, this is likely what it happening. He wants to see if you have the patience to wait for him and the understanding he needs when he takes personal time.

This will mean him suddenly going cold with texting, calling, or getting together. He wants to see if you hold out for him or if you will bail out. If you bail out then obviously he cannot rely on you.

This test he gives is one because he really feels deeply for you and wants to make sure that if he commits, that you will not disappear on him when things get tough or if he goes through a hard time.

He wants a woman who will stick with him through thick and thin. If your guy is doing any of these things, he’s in love with you!

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