How To Turn A Summer Fling With A Capricorn Man Into A Strong Relationship

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
There are some special steps to take when it comes to flirting with the Capricorn over the summer. There are some great techniques that Astrology can lend us that will assist you in wooing the Capricorn man while the Sun’s out so you two can cuddle hard during the long cold winter! 

For some people, warm and breezy weather can get them feeling more relaxed and ready for romance than ever! For others, it’s just another season of the year. For the Capricorn man, he’s not particularly drawn in by the fun and fancy-free vibes. It’s business as usual for him!

Perhaps you’ve found yourself falling for his refined and dignified way of being. Maybe you have a thing for the authoritarian type. Either way, the Capricorn man will totally scratch the itch! 

There are some special steps to take when it comes to flirting with the Capricorn over the summer. There are some great techniques that Astrology can lend us that will assist you in wooing the Capricorn man while the Sun’s out so you two can cuddle hard during the long cold winter! 

Friendship Is Part Of The Process… At First

From Summer Fling To A Strong Relationship With A Capricorn Man

Capricorn men are probably the hardest guys to get close to in the Zodiac. They’re ruled by Saturn, planet of isolation and hard knocks, after all. This makes a guy whose base state is feeling separate from others, so it shouldn’t be hard to imagine that he’s a bit distant. 

This means that the Capricorn man is likely not going to be your typical summer flirt. He may not accommodate a lot of flirting at first! In fact, he may rebuff your attempts if you try! Don’t take it personally though, it’s just because he’s a little harder to warm up to. 

You’ll get a lot farther with the Capricorn man over the summer if you focus on a friendship that gradually gets more flirtatious. He can keep some boundaries that way which will encourage him to stick around! Not to mention that a nice and looooong, slow burn sort of love has a certain sexiness you can’t deny!

Take Your Time

Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, who is basically the time lord of the sky. So, Capricorns feel that they should be taking all the time in the world in whatever they do. This works out for them much of the time since they bide their time at the same company for a lifetime just to end up running the place! 

I know that summer flies by quickly, but it’s important to not rush things with the Capricorn man. Take the opportunity over the summer to build a foundation that you two can launch from. If a little flirtation goes down here and there, then all the better! 

It’s frustrating when you just want to be the Sandy to his Danny for the summer, but just take a breath and realize that dating a Capricorn is an investment. He’ll reward you in dividends later on in the year once you’ve given him enough time to relax into the relationship. 

He needs stability, so him seeing that you’re willing to stick around even before the sparks start flying tells him that he can trust you to be there through good times and bad! He’ll appreciate the heck out of your willingness to go at his speed. It’ll be totally worth it! 

Hang Out One-On-One

Hanging Out One On One With A Capricorn Man

Capricorns are not what you’d call party animals. Go get yourself a Sagittarius or Leo if that’s what you’re after, because our refined Cappie is not going to be dancing on tables by the end of the night! In fact, he’d rather not be at the party – period. 

Getting together one-on-one is going to keep him feeling like he’s got an ounce of control over where the conversations go and what the two of you get up to. This is comforting to him since he definitely likes to have a say in the direction the two of you take on an outing. 

Though I wouldn’t necessarily invite him to your place on day one (far too casual too quickly for a Cappie), it’s safe to request a dinner or lunch for the two of you. Capricorns like material objects, so going shopping is also a safe bet that will help inform you on what they’re into overall. 

Since it’s summertime, go ahead and invite them for a mountain hike if you can! A Capricorn loves a challenge and they actually represent mountains in the symbolism of the Zodiac. This is also going to be a great neutral ground where the two of you can talk and open up without expectation. 

Keep Your Dress Classy, Not Casual

Woman Dressed Classy For Capricorn Man

I know, I know. It’s summer! You probably want to head out in casual skirts, shirts you don’t mind dirtying up, and maybe some booty shorts (no judgement here!) to soak up that sunshine. While this is great summer attire in general, it’s not going to impress the formal Capricorn man. 

I don’t want to imply that you have to dress like a nun. Quite the contrary! You should pay attention to the stylistic elements of your dress since the Capricorn man is into the details of fashion. They enjoy a woman who presents herself well and who also zones into the little things like he does. 

When dressing for the summer with a Capricorn, have the image of how people at a lake house might dress. Boat shoes, button ups, strappy sandals, and linen pants are all on the table! Simple, practical, and stylish all describe the type of clothes that a Capricorn would swoon for!

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Avoid The Summer (Head) Games

It’s a total bummer to have to wait for your Cappie crush to reciprocate your feelings, I know. I urge you to just wait it out rather than resorting to various ways to feel out his affection early… nothing turns a Capricorn off like cheap hysterics and antics to get what you want out of him!

Huge emotional reactions, proclamations of love, digging for more info than he wants to give, and exaggerating your problems are all tactics that any self-respecting Capricorn will leave in his dust. Just don’t do it!

Capricorns are like the human embodiment of Saturn. Translation: nothing is easy with them. So don’t try to get artificial reactions out of them with cheap attempts to get their attention! It never works with the Capricorn man. 

The Capricorn man is the peak of reliability and power in a man. He refuses to be manipulated, rushed, or controlled! This is totally admirable so I recommend working with his limitations and boundaries to secure a long term match up with one of the best catches in the Zodiac! 

Have you ever had a summer love with a Capricorn man? Tell us how it went for you down below in the comments! 

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Anna Kovach

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