8 Texts That Make A Capricorn Man’s Heart Melt

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you really want to know texts that make a Capricorn man’s heart melt, then keep on reading! Here are 8 texts that make a Capricorn man's heart melt.

The texts that make a Capricorn man’s heart melt may take you by surprise. He’s not the easiest to melt, but hey… he’s not impossible!

I do have a few suggestions for you on what you can say that will open him up. He doesn’t know about these and should respond quite well. If you really want to know texts that make a Capricorn man’s heart melt, then keep on reading!

8 Texts That Make A Capricorn Man’s Heart Melt

1. “You’re So Smart And Talented”

This text is meant to appeal to the Capricorn man’s desire for being recognized for all that he does. He will love knowing that you appreciate him for what he does best. It makes him feel important to you.

This is not only a flirt but its honesty which also appeals to him very much. A Capricorn man loves being swept off his feet by a woman who knows his worth. It’s a turn-on for him.

He would never want to be with someone who doesn’t “get” his value in this world. This is an excellent way of letting him know that you know who he is.

2. “Thank You For All The Help You Give Me”

Once again, this is about recognizing the fact that he helps you no matter what it entails. Whether it’s advice or physically helping you with a problem, he’s always there.

The Capricorn man loves to play hero sometimes. Find ways to ask him for help so that you can end up thanking him. He loves to hear how awesome he is for doing things for you.

This is one of the many texts that make a Capricorn man’s heart melt for sure. Give it a try and you’ll see what I mean!

3. “You’re Always On My Mind”

Texts That Get Capricorn Mans Attention

When you express to a Capricorn man that he’s on your mind, it will make him feel cherished and appreciated. I’m telling you, it’s all about that appreciation with a Capricorn man.

Any which way you can express that to him, he will find you heartwarming to his soul. It will get right through to his otherwise stubborn demeanor.

It’s not always an easy thing to get through to this Earth sign but the texts I’m sharing will make an impact you never would have expected.

4. “Hi, Handsome!”

Try to start with a greeting calling him a pet name if you can. Darling, sexy, love, or handsome are some of a Capricorn man’s favorites.

He’s an old-school type of guy so if you can find some older or more traditional pet names that he likes to call him and personalize it, he’ll absolutely love it. He will take to it like a fish to water.

It also makes him feel desired, which is a huge plus. I tell you what; this is yet another one of the texts that make a Capricorn man’s heart melt. Just the greeting alone will get his attention.

5. “Do You Know Why You’re So Perfect For Me?”

Texts To Attract A Capricorn Mans Attention

It’s a question that will lure him in because of course, he wants to know exactly why he’s so perfect for you. It gets his attention and he will reply in order to find out what you’re thinking.

Use this opportunity to point out all the things you love about him. Mention there is no one else like him and no one that fits you so well. Make him feel really important!

You will make his heart go pitter-patter for sure. He’ll want to hear more about why he’s perfect for you when you see him again. Use that time to hold his hand and look into his eyes.

6. “Thinking About Us For The Long-Haul Love”

Naturally, you probably should only be saying this if you two are actually dating. If you mention it while you’re trying to get a commitment out of him, then it may not work that well.

If you’re dating him or seeing him then this is appropriate because you’re letting him know you can see a forever with him which is what he definitely wants to hear.

Tell him all about what you see for the two of you. He wants to hear all about it so he can tell you what he thinks about it too. It’s a great opener for a more serious conversation.

7. “You’re The One For Me”

Flirty Texts To Attract A Capricorn Man

Again, this is one of those things you say when you’re already dating your Capricorn man. It lets him know he is the only one for you and that you’re not looking for anyone else.

This is a way of proving your loyalty and giving your heart solely to him. If he is falling for you, then he will love hearing this. It will make him smile.

I’m quite sure he will say something just as heartwarming back to you. You’ll be surprised how sweet he actually can be, even though much of the time he seems hard to reach.

8. “I Cannot Stop Staring At Your Picture”

He definitely will soften up when you say this to him. Tell him that when you’re not together, you’re thinking of him. Tell him how remarkably handsome he is.

You can also mention how you cannot wait to see him again. Don’t pour it on too thick though, as he’ll see through it and think you’re playing games or being too clingy.

Find a balance between what you say and do. He will love the acknowledgment though. He does love to hear from you and how you love him or like him.

More Texts For You To Try

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No more doubting. You’ve got this and you’re going to absolutely floor him with your elegance and beauty!

As always, I wish you all the luck of the Universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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