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Why Do Capricorn Men Withdraw All the Time? Finally We Know!

Why is it that Capricorn man often pulls back or gets cold when things start to heat up? There are some good reasons that he will do this sort of thing. You might want to keep reading to find out what would cause Capricorn men to withdraw quite often.

High Morals and Standards

The Capricorn man tends to hold some really high standards and if someone doesn’t meet those standards or prove themselves to not be high quality in his book, he’s not into giving them any more of his energy.

It’s also likely that he has some expectations that may seem almost impossible. Again, if you aren’t living up to what he expected you should be or what you can be, he will likely pull away.

If you lie to him or are dishonest in some way, he will let you go. He isn’t interested in someone with loose morals. He wants to be told the truth at all times and from someone who values life.

He takes a long time to let someone in enough to trust them so you can bet that if you’re disloyal or betray him in some way, he will lose interest. This includes lying about even the smallest of things.

His feeling is, if you can lie to him about something small then clearly, you will lie to him about bigger things as well, and he cannot accept that type of behavior from anyone.

He can’t stand lazy people, people who gossip, or people who don’t treat others right. If you’re someone that constantly complains, treats people badly, or act better than others, he will definitely turn and walk away.

High Dramatic Situations

Why Do Capricorn Men Withdraw All the Time

Capricorn man loves having peace. He tends to turn away from situations that seem too negatively charged, and certainly, people who blow things out of proportion.

He cannot stand loud women who have to show off every time they go out. He wants to keep things low key and private. Talk on the phone while you’re out with him, he’ll probably think it’s rude and will hold it against you.

When he’s going out with you, you have to have manners. Complaining about the wait staff at a restaurant will turn him off unless the wait staff really is that awful. Just remember, he’s someone who stands up for justice.

If you’re bashing people, he’ll likely put you right in your place and deservedly so. He cannot stand judgmental people or gossips. If you’re overly emotional about things, he will shy away from you there too.

Truly this guy wants a woman who can conduct herself with elegance, maturity, and our understanding of human beings even if they aren’t doing their best. Talk badly about people, and you will be out the door (or he will).

Lack of Supporting Him

When he’s been giving you his all, and yet you cannot get on board with the things he does in his life, he will likely pull back. He wants a partner who is going to be moral support and basically be his personal cheerleader.

He takes great pride in what he does as well as what he is striving to achieve. If you cannot get on board with these things, then he feels he has no use for you and will absolutely withdraw.

The Capricorn man knows he’s good at what he does, and he wants to have a partner that will respect him and his endeavors. Disrespecting him on any level will make him want to walk away.

Certainly, if you criticize what he does, he will go dead quiet on you, and you’d be lucky to ever hear from him again. He’s most likely done with you and will cut ties so good luck with that.

Hurting Him or Insulting Him

Why Do Capricorn Men Withdraw All the Time

Capricorn man is sensitive to what people say to him. He’s the hardcore on the exterior, and he can certainly handle himself. However, he may not appreciate it if you plan to point out what all he’s doing wrong.

He doesn’t need someone to point out his flaws and make sure he hears all about it. That doesn’t mean he is oblivious to what he does wrong, but there are ways of telling people where they need improvement without being a jerk.

Picking fights with him is also a bad thing to do. He won’t tolerate it, he will absolutely strip you bear telling you what all you’ve done wrong that he didn’t mention before.

The last thing you really want to do is “go there” with Capricorn man. He doesn’t like game playing and prefers to be with someone who is mature. Games are for children, not for grown women.

Hurting him will only make him go totally cold. It may also make him want to get out of dodge before you try to hurt him again. This is why he guards his heart so well and takes a nominal time to commit.

Is Capricorn Man Likely To Return?

If you’ve made the mistake of doing any of the things I’ve mentioned, then it’s probably not all that likely he will return. He holds a grudge pretty well, and it would take time and forgiveness to get past it.

When you make stupid small mistakes, you can apologize, and perhaps he’ll get past it with a bit of time. However, if you really went after him in an argument, he will not want anything else to do with you.

You’d really have to prove to him somehow that you’re not ever going to do that again and that you’re working on your own behavior. If you don’t think you did anything wrong, you won’t see or hear from him again.


While Capricorn man is capable of forgiveness and starting fresh, he’s not likely to do it if you’ve really gone above and beyond to hurt him or disappoint him. Remember, he seeks a mature lady who can conduct herself with elegance.

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