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5 Turn Offs That Make A Good Capricorn Man Leave A Great Woman

Want to know what could make a good Capricorn man leave a great woman? We all have turn offs, and when we know what his danger buttons are, we can do our best to avoid them and make this relationship one that lasts! Capricorn men are notoriously hard to read, so this should be the perfect guide for you! 

Capricorn men can be one of the most committed signs you can get. But they do tend to take their sweet time about getting serious. And sometimes, they can come across as cold, uncaring, uninterested and downright grumpy. 

These guys are also notorious bachelors, so it takes a fair amount of effort – and the right woman, to convince them that being in a relationship is better than being single. This is especially true if they have been previously married or in serious relationships. 

However, the truth is, Capricorn men are all soft inside. They’re just scared of being vulnerable, that’s all! With that said, they do have specific turn-offs that could end the relationship earlier than intended

Th trick with him is to give it lots and lots of time, and not to chase him away by pushing his buttons. These are his top turn-offs that could have him leaving you, even if you are a great woman! 

5 Turn Offs That Make A Good Capricorn Man Leave A Great Woman

1. A Lack Of Commitment

You could be the most wonderful woman, the sweetest, kindest and most successful gal in town. But, if you are the type that “doesn’t want to label things,” or avoids talking about getting exclusive when he brings it up, he could just be turned off. 

It’s a conundrum, because at the same time, you can’t rush him or be the one to call the shots. You just have to show that you are ready to commit, there when he needs you and are totally reliable. The more you show up, the more he will fall for you and do the right thing and make you all his. 

So, even if it feels hard to do, be in the mindset of commitment. This will also help him to respect you more! 

2. Being Unable To Get Over His Past

Woman Being Unable To Get Over Capricorn Man's Past

Something that could have him leaving you, no matter how wonderful you are, could be him being unable to get over his past, particularly his relationship past. 

For example, he may have been cheated on, or his ex-really hurt him in some terrible way. If it’s still fresh this is even more likely. Capricorn men have a way of totally shutting down, and not being able to be open to new love or vulnerable for a long while. 

There’s very little you can do here, but let him go, and show you would be ready to be all his, if he gave you that chance. It’s a sad situation when he’s hung up and bitter, but he will come around, eventually, if you two are meant to be. 

Acting with integrity will go a long way to making sure he remembers you and the possibilities that you could have had together. 

3. Being Disorganized

No matter how gorgeous, ambitious and independent you are (all qualities he loves), if you are someone who is generally disorganized and messy, it could be a big no-no for the Capricorn fella. He really hates coming home to chaos, and likes a life of order and structure. 

For example, if your someone who hasn’t paid their water bill and gets cut off, or fails to plan ahead for an event together, or just leaves things around the house willy-nilly, you may find yourself without a man! 

It sounds silly, but being “together” is important for any Capricorn guy. He respects and admires a woman who has her life sorted out, and who doesn’t need him to always step in and take care of the practical details. 

4. A Lack Of Ambition

Lack Of Ambition Turn Off For Capricorn Man

There’s nothing wrong with not having ambition, first of all, ladies. If you are happy to be a woman in her more feminine role of home maker, wife and mother, that’s a glorious and special role in society! 

However, that may not be what the typical Capricorn man wants in a relationship (even if that’s actually what he needs!). He may be in a stage of his life where he wants a woman who has ambition equal to his. 

This means a woman who climbs the career ladder and is also somehow at the top of her professional game. Think boardrooms and achievements, conferences and business trips! He does find that sexy, and he will compete with you!

However, if you are less ambitious, and want to live a quiet, pressure-free life, he may not find you on his wavelength – and that’s okay. However, does that mean your relationship will fail? Not exactly. If he sticks around, he may find that this is the perfect balance for him. 

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5. If You’re Not Classy

Capricorn men love woman who are classy. What’s the opposite of classy? Well, it’s someone who doesn’t particularly care if they burp, wear sweatpants or drink pints of beer. Is there anything wrong with being non-classy? Not at all! You be you! 

However, if you’re not the type of woman who wants to have to do her makeup, watch her weight, or dress well in expensive, snazzy clothing, then you could find him to be a bit turned off. He likes his partners to be women he can “show off” to his colleagues, partners and family. 

Never change yourself completely to make him happy, because you’ll simply end up feeling resentful at the end of the day. You always have to be yourself, and hope that there are other qualities that will have him wanting you! 

These qualities can include being dedicated to the relationship, reliable, responsible, organized, nurturing, stable, respectful and willing to be there for him, but never overly reliant on him. 

He likes his women to be quite independent, though he also doesn’t mind providing for you, once he is committed. In fact, the Capricorn man is one of the best to have in a long-term relationship, as he is incredibly faithful and responsible to you. 

It just takes time for him to open up. Be patient, but always stand your ground. It will develop respect for you, rather than being a helpless type who needs him and will give into every demand that he has. 

So – have you fallen in love with one of these powerful Capricorn men? What do you love about him the most? Have you noticed what flicks his switch on – and what rubs him up the wrong way? 

I’d love to know your stories – feel free to drop a comment in the comments box below, you’ll stay anonymous! 

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach