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How To Get A Capricorn Man To Settle Down And Commit To You

Are you crushing on a Capricorn but feel really lost in how to read him? How do you make him see that settling down with you is the option that will activate your love potential as a couple? How do you let him know that you’re the one that is the best fit for him to settle down with and commit to? 

Luckily, I have been a Relationship Astrologer for a long time and I have seen all the things that make a Capricorn tick. He has a few pre-requisites before he’ll think about shacking up with a woman! He needs to know that he won’t regret his decision. 

There are four key tips and tricks that I have to share that I know are going to help you out when attempting to secure a Capricorn man’s romantic capability! Keep reading for my best advice on how to become a great option for a Capricorn to settle down with!

Take It Slow

How To Get Capricorn Man To Settle Down

The Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. If Saturn had a catchphrase, it would be “slow and steady wins the race.” Saturn is a laborious planet that brings judgement into the lives of those that are ruled by it. Saturn influences the Capricorn in this way and forces him to hold back the floodgates when it comes to his desires. 

Capricorns are always going to be three steps behind everyone else. This is because they are taking every step mindfully and with control to make sure they’re doing everything right. As a result of this tendency, you’ll notice your Capricorn man taking his sweet time settling into a committed relationship. 

This is not inherently because he thinks you’re unworthy of his love, but he is very discriminating with who gets his full time and energy. This is because once a Capricorn commits, he commits. This is a good thing! This means that once he decides that you’re it, then you’ve got him on lock. 

I advise you to never rush the Capricorn man. He’s not here to play games and he won’t get swept away in the throes of emotion just for you. You’re going to have to be patient while he realizes that you’re the one he wants! 

Be Practical

Saturn-ruled folks, like Capricorns, are not relaxed types. In fact, they’re usually taskmasters to themselves and others. He is one who does not like things and people who aren’t of use hanging around him. He’s not going to enjoy a lot of nonsense. 

Capricorns are fairly judgmental people who don’t see the point in frivolity. Don’t take this to mean that the Capricorn isn’t capable of having a good time… he can only have a good time after the work is done. This is why you won’t catch them partying on a Sunday night, for example… because work is to be done the next day! 

If you’re someone who spends money recklessly, plays when there are things that need done, or who hold on too tightly to sentimental objects that don’t have a practical use then you’re going to find the Capricorn man backing off.

The key is to show the Capricorn man that you’re an adult. This is what he respects above all else. A woman whose bills are paid, has a secure job, and who invests time and money wisely is going to be the sexiest type to the Capricorn man.

Flaunt all the ways that you’re a grown-up. Tell him about your stellar work performance, how long you’ve been debt-free, or other big kid flexes that you’ve got under your belt. This is going to show Capricorn that investing in you for the long haul is a smart move that he won’t regret! 

Have High Standards For Yourself

Getting A Capricorn Man To Commit

Branching off of the previous point, it’s time to get real with yourself on what your expectations for yourself are. A Capricorn man wants a woman with GOALS. On top of that, the woman he stays with forever needs to have a plan for how she’ll reach her dreams, step by step. 

A Capricorn is going to fall in love with the woman who knows what she wants to do and how she’ll get there. You need to be willing to have dreams that blow the roof off of your current circumstances. The Capricorn will be inspired by your unabiding commitment to yourself! 

The key here is following up your dreams with concrete action. A Capricorn knows that dreams are just that unless you take firm steps to secure them into your reality. A Capricorn can spot someone who has no ambition from a mile away and believe me, they’ll work to keep them at least a mile away! 

Be ‘that bitch’ with a plan. Be the woman who gets what she wants. This is going to make the Capricorn swoon and he’ll be wondering where you’ve been all his life! You’ll be well on your way to locking him down for life.

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Dress Like A Queen

It’s true a Capricorn doesn’t care for frivolity, but he doesn’t think that establishing to others just how well to do you are is a bad thing! In fact, a Capricorn likes to differentiate himself from others through his style of dress. He thinks that how one’s standing is in the world is huge – because it is!

It’s been proven in studies that people who do their hair, wear nice clothes, and generally groom themselves are perceived as better people in general. The Capricorn gets this more than most people. He wants to not only be that person that others are admiring, but he also wants to be admired for the caliber of people he associates with.

This is why a Capricorn isn’t going to feel too good about a lady who bums around in sweats and a tee-shirt all the time. He’ll much prefer the type of woman who is well done. He likes nice, name brand clothes, subtle but classy makeup, and a woman who keeps her posture good and her head held high. 

Capricorn will only date someone that he takes a lot of pride in being seen with. He’ll be happy to be hand in hand with a lady who takes pride in how she comes off to the world! He’ll be far more likely to settle down with you once he sees that you’re the absolute picture of class. 

Have you or are you dating a Capricorn man? How did you show them that settling down with you is the best option? You’ve got to fill me in in the comment section below! 

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe.

Your sister and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

  • Hi,
    right, I am this classy Businesslady who is doing and reaching everything. But he is not. He is only building dreamcastles and not working on anything. I catched him very easy and fast. But when we wanted to move in together he split.
    He broke my heard so badly, no man did before. And now I m completly crazy. I was never like that before. I m so hurt, angry and bitter, I dont know myself. And I know, he loves me, but he is not able to forgive me my mistakes, while doing the same shit to me.
    I really have enough, I just want to go away find someone better. But there is something that tieds us together, and bring me always back to him.
    I dont want to know how to catch a capricorn, but how to get rid of him! ? LG Nick

    • Hi Nick!

      Wow I wonder if he has a strong Pisces in his chart that makes him more of a day dreamer than a go getter. That’s rare in a Capricorn man. They normally bust their butts to make money and succeed. Going fast with him probably wasn’t the best route. Capricorn man needs to go slow because if he doesn’t he tends to actually feel regretful later and thus why he would have split when you mentioned moving in. If you want to keep him, you’ve got to sort of start from scratch and take it slow. No pressure and keep the conversation playful. Try to inspire him and lift him up. That might wake him up and get him moving again with his life. … Getting rid of him?! Well… shut him out. That’s the fastest route but then you have to purge yourself of him so you don’t hold onto hope. It’s your choice sweetheart. I wish you all the best!

  • He is not a typical Capricorn in any of these senses. Odd if you all me. I think it’s the house he was born in and maybe other aspects of his chart.

    • Hi Jessyca!

      Yes, all Capricorn men are different. The reason is due to having different rising signs and different moon signs. There are many other things in his chart that can make him seem like he’s not even a Capricorn. It’s very true. You should try to have his chart done and find out what is going on there and it will help you understand him better! I have plenty of guides for you to check out as well. I wish you all the best!

    • Hi Nivea!

      My absolute pleasure! I am so glad that you’re resonating with it. I have many other articles for you to read. I also have guides you can purchase to read that help you get to know even more about Capricorn man. When you make a purchase you can get a free VIP consultation with me! I wish you all the luck of the stars sweet Nivea!

  • Hi Anna

    Have been reading all you have written on Capricorn man and I think I spoiled it. really need your help. I am Aries Woman I am 42 years and he is 46. We met through common friend 5 months back she introduced us for casual dating as she thought we are similar and I was in same city for 6 months. We met with two weeks and had sex first time. I quickly fell for him. He will call me everyday and we meet every weekend at a common flat he owns . He doesn’t want me to meet any of his friends but just keep it between us it did made me feel lack of acknowledgment. He explained if third person comes in life than they spoil the relationship. Once he said to me that he wants to get married than we part ways and you have to be strong . I got angry and said that I don’t want to continue he called me after two days and we again got back to same thing. But I started getting into discussion where I told him I fell in him . He would behave very nicely to me but again no acknowledgement to me. Two days back he me and my sis in law who I am very close to we sat for drinks and she asked him . He sent me out and spoke with her told her that he know I love him but he doesn’t know what he wants . He does get butterflies to meet me and miss me . She told me I am more into him than he is . I m hurting I know I m not his priority . Shall I completely leave him shall I just be how it is .. I m hurting and impatient.

    Can you tell me what I should do I have already made him priority , let him be boss , didn’t get him to meet his circle inspite of asking and let him know I am crazy for him .. basically all the wrong things

    Can I recover how and what should I do

    • Hi Eva!

      Sorry to say but it does seem to sound like he is confused about what he feels. It’s ultimately up for you to decide whether you should call it quits or if you should be patient for awhile and see how it plays out. That is something you have to search your inner voice for. Can you wait him out? If not then you should move on. If you can and you can find the will to be patient, then there may still be a chance. I would however back off a bit. Let him work for it. Let him chase you. If you need more help, check out my guides on Capricorn Man Secrets.

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