4 Proven Ways To Win A Capricorn Man’s Heart

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I’ve got four proven ways to win a Capricorn’s heart and open him up to trusting you. And if you do it right, he’s going to gradually relax and let you in. Follow my four proven ways to entice the Capricorn in a language that he can understand. 

If you’re here, it’s probably because you’ve got a Capricorn guy that you’re crushing on and you’re looking for some assistance. Girl, I don’t blame you! The Universe brought you here today because he’s a tough nut to crack, and you’re meant to unlock the parts of himself that he isn’t going to show anyone else willingly! 

The Capricorn guy is not the type to be easily seduced, however. He’s got walls higher than a skyscraper and he’s hard to get to know. This makes it all the sweeter when you finally do melt his heart though! 

I’ve got four proven ways to win a Capricorn’s heart and open him up to trusting you. And if you do it right, he’s going to gradually relax and let you in. Follow my four proven ways to entice the Capricorn in a language that he can understand. 

Read on to get a sense of what needs done to endear the Capricorn to you and keep him close to your heart for the rest of his days! 

4 Proven Ways To Win A Capricorn Man’s Heart

1. Don’t Rush Him

Tips How To Win A Capricorn Mans Heart

The Capricorn is ruled by the almighty Saturn, the big boss man in the sky. Saturn is the planet that represents limitations and blocks. This isn’t to say Saturn is a bad planet, it’s just the realist!

Capricorn demonstrates this through his desire to move slowly. He basically put the brakes on everything that gives him pause. Relationships aren’t his forte so believe me, he wants to take things as slow as he can to feel out the situation and ensure that his next move is the right one. 

It takes a long time to melt the heart of a Capricorn. At first, he’ll likely see how incorporating you into his life more would be useful for him and so that’s his initial reason to let you stick around. Eventually, once he’s given enough patience, he may just turn into the teddy bear you’ve hoped he would be with you. 

It’s a struggle to go at his pace – I totally understand. Despite that, it’s important to honor his desire to take things slow. Think of this as a meditation on patience! Capricorn men have no lack of it, so a little patience may just rub off on you!

2. Be Honest About Who You Are

Proven Ways To Win A Capricorn Man’s Heart

This tip is a major key for attracting and keeping a Capricorn man! Capricorns are all substance and no fluff. They’re honest about who they are and they don’t appreciate misrepresentation of the facts. Capricorns are pretty cozy with the cold hard truth! 

A Capricorn is not the person that you want to play up small details with or blow your achievements out of proportion. He wants to know you, not a misrepresentation of you! He will respect you a lot more if you portray yourself truthfully instead of pretending that you’re high and mighty when you’re not. 

For Capricorns, actions speak louder than words. Words can trick and deceive in the eyes of a Capricorn, whereas the actual truth of what is going on is reliable and steady. 

Capricorns are like mountains. They are most comfortable when they base themselves on solid ground. When they go to lean on their partner but what they thought was solid was just smoke and mirrors, they tumble. 

Causing a Capricorn to fail because you couldn’t hold up your end of the deal (because you misrepresented who you were) will only lead him to shut you out. Instead, tell him things about you that are real and honest so he knows who he’s really relying on!

3. Flex Your Adulting

How To Win A Capricorn Mans Heart

If responsibility was a love language, it would be the Capricorn’s love language for sure! He is the disciplinarian dad of the Zodiac, always looking for ways to build character and prepare others for the “harsh world.” 

This is why it’s important to show the Capricorn all of the ways that you’re an adult. If you have a big girl job, car payments, responsibilities, and you buy your own groceries, then the Capricorn man will be totally into you. 

The Capricorn man is always looking for ways to further stabilize himself. He’s an Earth sign, which means that on some level he seeks the stability of the ground beneath his feet. His partner should be on board with him in this venture to create a predictably safe life. 

When he knows that his partner could get along with or without him it actually gives him a lot of comfort. He’s acutely aware of the fragility of life and so he knows he won’t be around forever. As a result, he genuinely wants to ensure that the world he leaves behind is prepared for the event that he’s not around anymore. 

A little morbid? Yep. That’s Capricorn for you! Long story short (in true Capricorn style), he needs his partner to be able to hold her own, make her own money, pay her own bills, and be responsible. This is going to make him feel safe to fall totally in love with you. 

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4. Stay Grounded

Capricorn’s like working with the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Anything that makes the facts seem more or less than they really are is going to annoy the heck out of a Capricorn. He won’t want to be within a fifty-foot radius of a chronic exaggerator or a shady down-player. 

The best thing to do with the Capricorn is to portray facts as they are. They love a woman who can just state the facts without sprinkling in emotion or drama. Capricorn men will do a double take if they meet the woman who is grounded in what is actually going on without human error coming into the mix.

He’ll be impressed with your capability to say it like it is, without making things out to be worse than they are. Remember, Capricorn isn’t an optimist or a pessimist. He’s a realist! He isn’t here to comfort himself or anyone else and he isn’t here to wallow in a puddle. He’s here to get the job done! 

If you can speak to this part of him that needs to be totally utilitarian, then you have a much better chance of making him totally addicted to your presence. He’ll feel he can’t find a girl like you just anywhere and he’ll want to keep you around forever.

Are you dating a Capricorn man? What has it taken to allow him to relax into the love that the two of you share? Secrets don’t make friends, so let me know yours in the comments down below!

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

10 thoughts on “4 Proven Ways To Win A Capricorn Man’s Heart

    1. Hi Deby!

      I am happy that my article resonates with you sweetheart. There is a lot that you can learn about the Capricorn man. I appreciate you reading my articles. Truly if you want to dig in more and find out all you can about the Capricorn man, you probably should check out my books on Capricorn Man Secrets. Wishing you all the best!

  1. My Capricorn guy and l are in the friends zone ( I think). I have no idea if he likes me or even misses me.
    He won’t respond to my texts, so I haven’t a clue as to what’s going on.
    He needs to let me know if he’s interested or not. How long do I wait for him?

    1. Hi Karen!

      If you’re in the friend zone it can be tough. This is especially true if he isn’t responding to your text. It would seem your hands are a bit tied. Capricorn men can be very decisive and stubborn. If he has decided that you’re not the one or that he’s better being alone then this would cause him to withdraw from your friendship. I can tell you that if he did like you and was interested, he would not be unresponsive to your texts. No man would be that way. If he was interested in being with you, he would reach out or would respond when you message him. Just think about it. If you need more insight, check out my books on Capricorn Man Secrets!

  2. I was dating a Capricorn and his ex girlfriend somehow broke us up. He was really into me at first it wasn’t supposed to be but us being friends it lead to a relationship. I was there for him when he lost his uncle at which they were more like brothers they grew up together. He needed someone who he could talk to and help him through and that was me. I know he loves me and I love him as well I want him back and I have backed off a little I will text he may respond and he may not so it’s like what happened and what did she tell him. They are not together so why won’t he communicate with me. I’m confused about the situation and he’s a stubborn man but I love my Capricorn man.

    1. Hi Trudy!

      It would really help you out if you where to be honest with your intention and desires. Tell him you want to give it a try. He isn’t communicating as much because he doesn’t know how you feel and what you want. Be open and forthright. When he knows then he can better figure out what he wants and what to do. Yes, they are stubborn but communication is VERY important. Making it clear what you want helps him to do the same. Learn more about Capricorn men by checking out my books on Capricorn Man Secrets.

    1. Hi Poulomi!

      Thank you for writing in! My pleasure in whatever my article has helped you with. I do hope that your Capricorn man is a good catch and it works out well between you. It can be tricky getting to know a Capricorn guy but I do have something even more useful to you than my articles. You should check out my books on Capricorn Man Secrets. It may help you even further. I wish you all the best!

  3. I’m involved with a capricon man for 16yrs. I love him so much and I thought he loves me back then I recently found out he’s loving other women’s in the outside. I realized that this has been going on since we got involved. Right now I’m watching my relationship with him playing out in front of me with someone else and it hurts like hell. The funny thing is he says he doesn’t have anyone else.

    1. Hi Shalima!

      If he says he doesn’t have anyone else then how is it you know that he is? Are you assuming that’s going on or do you have some kind of proof that he’s doing this. If he won’t admit it then you may need to find out who she is and ask her perspective. Only then can you really know for sure that he’s messing around. Ask him flat out if he has another woman on the side. Tell him why you suspect him and see if he’ll tell you what is really going on. If he does fess up then you’ll have to tell him to make a choice between you and the other one. Get more information on Capricorn man through my books on Capricorn Man Secrets. I wish you the best!

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