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6 Secret Ways That the Capricorn Man Expresses Love

It’s frustrating and disheartening when a partner doesn’t show you his love. But what if he is showing it and you just aren’t seeing it?

We all have different ways of expressing love. Some of us may express it through the giving of gifts, by touch, by acts of service or by verbal affirmations, as outlined in the famous books on the topic by Gary Chapman. 

The thing is, sometimes it’s not all that easy to understand someone else’s expression of love. 

What looks like love to someone else may not look like love to you. You may be bending over backwards, telling your partner how glorious he is, how accomplished he is, and getting nothing in return by way of words—at least nothing you recognize.

However, your partner may be having the same experience.

Hence, understanding the love language of each person is key. And it doesn’t have to follow a formula. For some people, saying “I love you” is demonstrated by a ruffle of hair, a listening ear, or a message to ask if you’re safe. 

The problem is that we have been conditioned by romantic movies to believe in “happily ever after” love where everything is clear and obvious.

Society has made a bit of a mess of love and sex in terms of expectations, but when we take it back to basics and learn how each other shows love, then we can learn and grow enormously. 

What Does a Capricorn Man Look for In Love?

Capricorn men aren’t the easiest of guys, to be completely honest. They are ruled by the planet Saturn, which means that they can be rather cool and detached. They also tend to be very self-protective and even defensive, and may have problems being vulnerable. 

This, of course, affects how they display and give love. 

For the typical Capricorn man, showing love is not always easy. He may have been hurt before and have his defenses up. But these men are incredibly trustworthy and loyal, and very steadfast partners, once committed. 

It’s important, before we understand the ways in which a Capricorn man shows love, to understand what he looks for in an ideal partner.  


Number one on the Capricorn man’s list for best qualities in a partner is loyalty. Love equals loyalty for a Capricorn man, no matter how tough life gets. Whether it’s a hard work period, a loss, crisis or life change, he wants to know you have his back

If you are the type that tends to sit on the fence or change your loyalties based on circumstances, you can be sure that this man is not going to give you anything, never mind secret indications that he adores you. Consider yourself warned! 


Capricorn men like their women to be classy. This means being well put together, as well as pride in your appearance. Capricorn men admire a woman who takes care of herself not only in looks but also in behavior. 

Elegance is the sexiest thing in the world to a Capricorn man, and he will go out of his way to show you his love when he sees the regal way you carry yourself. 

He doesn’t mind a rude word here and there, a dry sense of humor, or a bit of messiness when you’re at home in your safe space. But when out in the world, when his reputation is on the line, he loves to have an equal who is just as brilliant and classy as he is. 


Capricorn men will display their love to a woman who is grounded and calm. He’s not the type to put up with girls who live with their heads in the clouds! He may get rather annoyed if you’re the ditzy, spacey type.

That said, Capricorn men are quite rounded themselves, so they can be the one to settle you—they are practical and level-headed like that. However, making the effort to stay grounded and nonreactive goes a long way toward helping the Capricorn man trust that he is safe with you.


Capricorn men may be reserved on the outside, but they are very sensual and sexy on the inside! They adore a woman who is equally as sensual and takes time out to touch them. They also love a woman who has a sense of taste, from luxurious fabrics to lovely home décor. 

A woman who can cook and enjoy a good meal, at home or out, will also appeal to them, as will someone who enjoys a full-bodied glass of wine. This is the kind of woman that a Capricorn man will pull out all the stops for! 


Finally, a Capricorn man will bend over backwards for a woman who is a go-getter. He doesn’t like to be one-upped, but he does enjoy a partner who is as keen as he is on building an empire. 

Being such a career-driven type of guy means plenty of hours at the office, and lots of focus on his profession. When he can share that with you, it can make the bond stronger. 

However, if you’re not that type of girl, not to worry. He also benefits from and appreciates being with a lady who is willing to hold the fort and make home a special place for him. This may even help him open up more and show his tender side. 

So, now that you know what a Capricorn man is looking for, let’s explore some secret ways he shows his love for you.

6 Secret Ways a Capricorn Man Expresses Love

1. He Gives You Gifts

Firstly, the Capricorn man’s “love language” is most often the giving of gifts. He likely has money to throw around and will love buying you jewelry, taking you to dinner, and going on extravagant vacations. 

You may feel like you’ve hit the jackpot if that is your love language, too, but what if you’re more of an “acts of service” sort of person? You’ll just have to find a way to compromise and enjoy his love language. Buy him gifts too and explain to him that occasionally taking the trash out makes you feel like the most loved woman in the world! 

2. He Commits

When you meet this guy, he may be a bit of a playboy. He may even be known to break hearts. However, if he is really into you, his (maybe not so secret) tell is his willingness to commit. 

What does that look like? Exclusivity, of course! While a natural progression toward exclusivity may be a no-brainer for some signs, Capricorn men do not take it lightly. If he has, he’s all in.

3. He Takes Time Off for You

If your Capricorn man is taking his precious time off from work to be with you (even if that means cutting back his at-home after-hours workaholic tendencies like compulsive e-mail checking), you can be sure that he loves you

For a Capricorn man, work is everything, so when he makes some of that time yours, you can jump for joy! 

Even though you may not be getting the mushiness you crave, just the fact that he has put his phone down and become all yours is enough to show you he truly cares. 

4. He Opens Up to You 

These men are notoriously hard eggs to crack. They have a built-in protective streak that can be downright frustrating! They may even take years to open up, but when they do, this is one of the ultimate ways that you can be sure he loves and trusts you. 

If he cries in front of you, tells you about his past or current challenges, and shares old heartaches, you are in his heart forever. 

5. He Touches You

Being an earth sign, Capricorn is actually very sensual and physically oriented. However, he may be quite reserved and not prone to displays of love in public. 

But over time, you’ll see him softening and putting his arm around you, giving you tender kisses here and there, and generally just being more physical with you. 

When he’s touching you in public, see it as a sign he loves you—because he really does! 

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6. He Shows You Off

The truth is, Capricorn men can be slightly chauvinistic. They’re old-school and love to show off their partners to their associates and friends. 

When he drags out to yet another work get-together or function, remind yourself that it’s because he is proud to have you at his side. He wouldn’t show you off if he wasn’t—trust me on that one! 

And that, dear reader, is the list of my top six secret ways that a Capricorn man shows his love for you. He may not be the type to send you romantic texts or take you on mushy dates, but at the end of the day, you are getting so much better! 

You’re with someone who is incredibly loyal, true, and faithful—someone who will stick by your side come hell or high water. Sure, he’s a bit aloof and hard-headed at times, but when you learn to read his expressions of love, you won’t be floundering anymore.

Now ask yourself, “How do I express love?” Ask yourself if the way you express love matches with the way that your Capricorn man expresses love. 

Sometimes, you can just be two ships passing in the night—missing the other person’s expressions of love because they’re unfamiliar to you. If that’s the case, see if you can find a way to meet each other’s love style. Remember to always appreciate the efforts, no matter how small or foreign to you.

Your Capricorn man has your back. Maybe you can show him how to develop that emotional, empathic side that’s so important to have as a balance. Sometimes, guys just need a bit of clarity.

Do you have any tips or insights on how your Capricorn man shows love? Please share your experience in the anonymous comments section! I’d love to hear from you. 

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