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When a Capricorn Man Comes Back to You What Has to Be Done?

It’s a rare thing for a Capricorn man to come back after a break up. If he has decided to get back together with you, there are some reasons that you should be aware of. You should also keep reading to find out what you need to know about when a Capricorn man comes back to you.

Reasons Capricorn Man Wants to Come Back To You

If the Capricorn man actually wants to return to you and you want him, there is reason to rejoice. Why would have a change of heart to go from breaking it off to wanting to try again? Here are some typical things he considers:

Things Were Left Unsaid

When a Capricorn Man Comes Back to You

If there wasn’t any resolve for the reason you parted ways then he may cool off, think about things for awhile, then return to try to discuss what happened and what can be done to fix it should you want another try.

He can be rather unreasonable but if he truly loves you then he’s going to want to figure things out. He may realize he broke it off impulsively or if you broke it off, he wants to understand why.

So no matter who broke it off, if he comes back around, it’s because he feels that there is still some hope of discussing things and starting from scratch to see if things can go very differently. Be open to him and communicate truthfully.

He Admires Your Strength and Influence

Once your Capricorn has gone away on his own and realizes how much you influenced his life in a positive way, he’s going to miss that. He’ll also miss you if you’re a woman strong enough to stand up for yourself.

In the case that you decided not to put up with any of his crap anymore and booted him out, he’s going to want to come back to you. He won’t accept failure and probably wants to try to do things differently.

Either way, if he comes back due to what he admires about you, he’s going to do his best to make sure that the two of you are able to make a better future together than the way things went previously. If you love him, allow him that courtesy. Don’t give up your conviction though.

Shared Future Dreams

If the two of you had plans to do things together in the future that were awe inspiring and helps both of you to realize your dreams, he’ll be back because he won’t want to do it alone.

The Capricorn man is a hard ass sometimes but when he truly bonds with someone and shares his deepest desires in life, he’ll find it hard to go back to being alone.

If Capricorn man returns to you because he remembers the dreams you had together, then he’s going to be open for talking about finding a way to make things better than they were before.

You have to decide for yourself if you still see him as being a future asset to your life or not. If he is then by all means, work with him and let him back into your heart. Just always keep in mind what broke you two up in the first place.

The Main Thing upon His Return

When a Capricorn Man Comes Back to You

Keep in mind that if your Capricorn man comes back to you no matter what happened, he’s obviously still in love with you, sees a future with you, and wants to work things through.

You have to decide if it’s something you can get past or if he’s done so much damage that you cannot turn back. Infidelity is one of those things that’s hard to let go of and it’s understandable if you cannot work past it.

However, if it’s something that was rather mild that broke you two apart, then you two can for sure communicate and learn to talk things through. Perhaps one of you was too hasty or too emotional.

There is no harm in listening to him talk about his side of things and what he wants. Be sure to express to him what you feel and what you want as well. It’s very important to be on the same page for things to work out.

When you truly love a Capricorn man, you’re going to have to have patience. He needs someone who is strong, rational, and can stand up for herself, even if standing up for yourself means you break up with him.

Always stay true to yourself and know that if he really loves you, he’ll do what he has to in order to work things out with you. If you turn into a door mat and take him back no matter what he does, he’ll not respect you.

Be very careful and never let any man walk on you. Capricorn man can sometimes come off that way but typically they have such strong morals that their inner guide will tell them what is wrong.

He’s not perfect though. He can mess up, he can lie, he can cheat, and he can be flawed just like anyone else. It’s a matter of how bad it was and if it’s something that you can forgive.

See How It Goes but Watch for Signs

Loving him means accepting him. However, if you let him back into your life because you love him, watch out for red flags that would indicate he hasn’t changed.

If you were the one that got pissed and hastily called things off or caused him to break up with you then you yourself need to watch out for your own red flags or negative behavior. Try to find a way to be more optimistic and inspirational.

You’ll help inspire his life and most importantly, you’ll feel better about yourself. Finding the right side to things will help you to maintain a more positive attitude which generally improves your life.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

15 thoughts on “When a Capricorn Man Comes Back to You What Has to Be Done?

  1. Cap man pursued me for a few months but I never went for it bcuz of the distance. We finally went out and hit it off. It was so easy and fun. Got close really fast and then he started acting different. I knew he was developing feelings so it confused me. Travelled to come see me twice. Met him at his mom’s. He did the hot n cold and after a large glass of wine, I got so frustrated that I left. I felt rejected when he didn’t want to get intimate. He stepped back and told me it was too stressful. He wasn’t the only one stressed out. I was “dramatic” and too “emotional.” Even tho it was a response from his roller coaster. I know now we went too fast and it caused too much pressure. I miss hanging out with him. It was so natural and I want to get back to that. I don’t know if I should totally step back or not. I’m clueless. I’ve never dated a cap and it’s foreign.

    1. Cap men play games to test how mentally strong you are. I am in a relationship with one who is coming out of a divorce. We have not been intimate and it’s frustrating.

      The only advice that I can give is, if he wants to be around you he will be a frequent texter and caller. They don’t like to share you with anyone. They can be a bit possessive. So you have to be strong and stand your ground but at the same time like a friend to talk to. But do keep in mind they like to test your patience.

      My cap is testing me right now saying let’s be friends but continues to call/text and come around. So I’m gonna set boundaries and see how that goes.

      1. Hi Lovely lady Crab!

        I don’t think Capricorn men play head games. They don’t like anyone playing games with them so it doesn’t make sense that he would. Testing, maybe but I doubt it. When they cool off it’s because they are either terrified of giving their heart to someone OR they are very unsure about what they’re doing. It also makes them confused and disoriented with relationships. Boundaries sound like a good idea though. It may make him get the lead out!

    2. Hi Alicia!

      Yes, Capricorn man tends to back off when he starts developing feelings. That’s actually a sign that he really cares for you deeply and is terrified of getting hurt. I know it doesn’t make any sense but that’s how they act. Hang in there and show him stability. Be who he fell for and don’t change. He needs to sort out his heart and learn how to open up and take a chance.

  2. I had a Cap man in my life. And all I could say is that he’s indeed hard to love, but it doesn’t matter to me how hard it could get. We broke up. He broke up with me because I did something he doesn’t like, and I’m aware of that. And I am totally regretting what I did (I did not cheat on him okay. I am loyal to him.) I want him back so bad but I don’t know what to do because we’re far from each other. I booked already an advanced ticket before he broke up with me because I wanted to visit and see him, but now I don’t know if I should still go and talk to him. He doesn’t talk to me anymore.

    1. Hi Lia!

      Why not go talk to him. You have every right to and you can also ask him to let you show him that he can trust you. That’s essentially what happens when they break it off due to a mistake is because somehow in their minds it’s betrayal or unjust behavior. Tell him you’d like to try again and show him that you can work at things better than before. If he cannot get past what happened then you may have to consider moving on. You shouldn’t have to change who you are for anyone. He should forgive and move forward but if he cannot then he’s not the guy for you.

  3. Crappy Cappy is an understatement smh … Going on 4 long rocky years with my pessimistic physco narcissistic Man…never have I met anyone like him and hope I never will again in my lifetime. He has been more than a handful with his weirded out personality smh. The beginning was all a mask. If you hang in there for 9 months to a year the truth behind the Grinch will surface. Don’t get me wrrong, I love the demon seed but he can be overwhelming. I left him more times than I can count. He walked out on me a few times that left unbelievable destructive memories that I will NEVER 4get smdh. He came with a lot of f*#%ed up secrets and after 4 years I am still finding out a bunch of nonsense smh … He can be down right pure Evil … Slowly but surely I found out WHY and rightfully so he was single when I met his crazy was lol smh … I could write a book about this and it would be a top seller with a quick movie deal to follow. Ok here is my journey with the lost soul smh lol… He can’t be open and honest. (Here he comes be back shortly)

    1. Hi Lioness4ya!

      My goodness, you’ve got a bad egg. I’m sorry to hear that. Capricorn should always tell the truth. Narcissistic… well some of them can be if they don’t check themselves. They carry high standards for people and that is what bites them in the rear. When people don’t live up to these standards, they see them as lowly. Not all Capricorn men are the same though and it sounds like your guy has his moon or rising sign in a place where he has a tendencies to keep secrets such as Libra, Scorpio, or Gemini. You might want to check into that. That could be the reason. I wish you well!

  4. No doubt crappy cappies are complicated pessimistic Dr. Jekel /Mr. Hyde split personality disorder people. I should’ve ran at first sign of the charming handsome GOAT smh. Now there is some good because when and if he behave himself he is Super Great but in a blink of an eye he turns negative as he spews his miserable venom… It’s sad …He is sad… Soooo gifted with potential but will never know it. He does things and conveniently forgets and then claim I am the one who did whatever smh.. He gets physical, angry, and confrontational when engaged in an uncomfortable conversation or position. It’s crazy how he can chatter it up but when challenged about his dark thoughts he gets highly defensive and reckless. I can agree with him and he gets aggressive smh… I have to bite my tongue constantly to avoid clashing with his horns out and my claws defending myself lol smh.. On the flip side he takes care of everything that needs fixing with a hammer, wrench, blow torch, screw driver, from the house to care but mentally, emotionally, and affectionately he is sadly hopelessly DE-Tached. In the beginning the affection and attention was a Gold mine 🙂 True Gem… He had manners beyond my expectations. He held the door. He held my hand when in private as well as out and about. He always carried all the bags and not afraid to grab my purse if need be. We smiled. We laughed. We dined. We cooked together. We spent genuine quality time together. Short lived to say the least. I found out he had a new born he failed to tell me about. He was on date sites after I stumbled upon his passwords. I found him confessing his love to his exes on FB and messenger but we aren’t friends on FB… Smh he claims that was stuff in his trash regardless that the stuff is dated.. He tells his sister all our business packed with lies. She is his confident and he feels comfortable making executive decisions with her instead of me or before we have a conversation smh .. Oh by the way we’ve been living together 2 years after his rent went up he asked if we can pay bills together and after some thought he moved into my home smh I pay a mtg and at some point he decided to pay me less than what we agreed… Slick ass.. Smh it’s draining and I doubt we will survive much longer because his motto is His way and only his way of NO PEACE. We get into it because I am strong willed and a no nonsense person. I am a leader with a big heart and always look at the bright side of life. Always willing to compromise and build with bricks but he seems to enjoy playing with straws, staying stagnant, and lost in his mind. I’ve been trying. Marriage will never be in the cards for us because he is more than a handful and I don’t want to end up old, miserable and in a lifeless relationship full of conflict. I advise to run because a PhD in psychology can’t help these Goats. They are rare had seeds. Mood Wrecker… Smh

  5. My cap man and i broke up today. Im a scorpio women whos trying to understand why he acts like he dont care at all. He spoke to me like we did not love each other, he spoke to me like i am the most dumb person on earth. I know, he had a bad silent fight with my mom who is also a capricorn .. im just tired of being a human punching bag of his negative emotion. I know, ive done my part. I visited him try to reached out to him try to fix our relationship (LDR Relationship for 2 years and half now) In just one snaps all our dreams turn into a ttumatic relationship . I dont know if im going to talk to him and make the first move AGAIN. Im so broke, and i cannot help it.

    1. Hi LALA! Capricorn men don’t ever want anyone to see that they are broken or hurt so yes, they come off as hard and uncaring. It’s not right but it’s a flaw that they carry. Him being mean to you is a way of pushing you back so that you don’t try to get back to him. If you know you’re done with his crappy behavior then you should just cut ties and walk away from him honey. If you do talk to him again, it will have to be on friendship terms otherwise you definitely deserve better! If you need more explanation of Capricorn, you might try my book “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

    1. Hi Fonda!

      It’s really a tossup with a Capricorn man whether or not he’ll come back. Some will take offense to it and decide you aren’t worth their effort. Others will miss you terribly and wonder if he’s done something wrong which makes him reach out. You have to look at his behavior as a whole to see which may be the case. You can try reading my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” and see if that helps you figure him out better.

  6. I recently broke up w my cap. Well, he broke up with me. After I was really good to him and did anything I could for him for a vey long time he up and changes on me tells me he doesn’t want to be together. I really don’t understand why but he thinks I’m unmotivated and angry. I am. But I need help, same way I helped him for so many years. He asked if we can be friends I said hell no. I deserve more than just your friendship. So I left. Now that it’s the end of the world he out of nowhere asked me if I needed anything, I’m gona be honest I need him back in my life. But I will never give him the satisfaction of knowing that after how bad he hurt me. And I just don’t know what to do. I don’t know if he’ll move without a push. And I don’t believe I should have to push. He already told me how he felt about this union betwn is.
    Idk I Wish things were different.

    1. Hi Scorpiolove!

      I”m sorry to hear about your break up. You can be the best person possible but if he keeps seeing a negative trait he doesn’t like, he becomes judgmental and uses that as an excuse to push you away. I don’t blame you for saying no to being friends. You deserve better than that. I think you should actually tell him how badly he hurt you. You deserve it to yourself to get it off your chest. Perhaps he can make amends with you but at the very least, you can get some closure. You don’t need to push, just be brutally truthful with him. I wish you the best darling. You deserve it!

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