What To Do If A Capricorn Man Wants You Back

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you hoping to get back together with your Capricorn man? Maybe you have no way of telling how he truly feels about the breakup and are looking for clues about this. Check these clear signs a Capricorn man wants you back.

It’s rare for a Capricorn man to come back after a breakup. If he has decided to get back together with you, there are some reasons that you should be aware of. So what can you do if a Capricorn man wants you back?

A Capricorn man is not like other men. He rarely enjoys playing games in the relationship. Maybe he hasn’t been forthcoming with you, and you want to see if ignoring him will make him chase you. Wondering why does a Capricorn man keep coming back?

The Capricorn man is independent and does not need anyone to complete him. He knows he’s whole as he is and doesn’t have to work at it. As such, he can sometimes come across as demanding to a potential partner. He has high expectations and wants his partner to carry herself with grace and be just as motivated as he is.

He will absolutely want to have time to himself when he can to complete tasks or do some private thinking. This means he will want a partner who can understand this and will also live the same way.

You should also keep reading to find out what you need to know about when a Capricorn man comes back to you.

Does No Contact Rule With Capricorn Man Work?

A Capricorn man loves attention and especially expects it from his partner, whom he loves or cares for. If you get upset with him, the best thing to do is be honest with him. Giving a Capricorn man no contact treatment will really hurt him and will be used as a strike against you.

In the event that he did something that hurt you, you may feel tempted to get some revenge by purposefully hurting him. Yes, ignoring him will accomplish that goal, but to what end?

Do you want to work it out with him, or do you want to cause more issues that will pile up and cause the end of your love? Be very careful what you feel in the heat of the moment.

Going somewhere to calm down away from him may be alright if it’s short-term, but if you’re planning on being ice cold to him, you may want to think again. If this is your normal “go-to” behavior, perhaps you should consider changing it.

Why Does A Capricorn Man Keep Coming Back? 3 Possible Reasons

Things Were Left Unsaid

If there wasn’t any resolve for the reason you parted ways, then your Capricorn may cool off, think about things for a while, then return to try to discuss what happened and what can be done to fix it should you want another try.

He can be rather unreasonable, but if he truly loves you, he’s going to want to figure things out. He may realize he broke it off impulsively, or if you broke it off, he wants to understand why.

So no matter who broke it off, if he comes back around, it’s because he feels that there is still some hope of discussing things and starting from scratch to see if things can go very differently. Be open to him and communicate truthfully.

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He Admires Your Strength & Influence

Once your Capricorn has gone away on his own and realizes how much you influenced his life in a positive way, he’s going to miss that. He’ll also miss you if you’re a woman strong enough to stand up for yourself.

In the event that you decide not to put up with any of his crap anymore and boot him out, he’s going to want to come back to you. He won’t accept failure and probably wants to try to do things differently.

Either way, if a Capricorn man comes back due to what he admires about you, he will do his best to make sure that the two of you can make a better future together than the way things went previously. If you love him, allow him that courtesy.

Shared Future Dreams

If the two of you had plans to do things together in the future that were awe-inspiring and helped both of you realize your dreams, he’d be back because he wouldn’t want to do it alone.

The Capricorn man is a hard ass sometimes, but when he truly bonds with someone and shares his deepest desires in life, he’ll find it hard to go back to being alone.

If a Capricorn man keeps coming back because he remembers the dreams you had together, then he’s going to be open to talking about finding a way to make things better than they were before.

You have to decide for yourself if you still see him as a future asset to your life or not. If he is, then by all means, work with him and let him back into your heart. Just always keep in mind what broke you two up in the first place.

If A Capricorn Wants You Back — What Is The Main Thing Upon His Return?

If a Capricorn man keeps coming back, be aware that he does this because he’s obviously still in love with you, sees a future with you, and wants to work things out.

You have to decide if it’s something you can get past or if he’s done so much damage that you cannot turn back. Infidelity is one of those things that’s hard to let go of, and it’s understandable if you cannot work past it.

However, if it’s something that was rather mild that broke you two apart, then you two can for sure communicate and learn to talk things through. Perhaps one of you was too hasty or too emotional.

There is no harm in listening to him talk about his side of things and what he wants. Be sure to express to him what you feel and what you want as well. It’s very important to be on the same page for things to work out.

When you truly love a Capricorn man, you’re going to have to have patience. He needs someone who is strong, rational, and can stand up for herself, even if standing up for yourself means breaking up with your Capricorn man.

Always stay true to yourself and know that if he really loves you, he’ll do what he has to in order to work things out with you. If you turn into a doormat and take him back no matter what he does, he’ll not respect you.

Be very careful, and never let any man walk on you. Capricorn men can sometimes come off that way, but typically they have such strong morals that their inner guide will tell them what is wrong.

If you are not sure about his intentions about you, check these warning signs a Capricorn man is playing you.

What To Do When A Capricorn Man Comes Back

Why does the Capricorn man keep coming back? Loving him means accepting him. However, if you let him back into your life because you love him, watch out for red flags that would indicate he hasn’t changed.

If you were the one who got pissed and hastily called things off or caused a Capricorn man to break up with you, then you yourself need to watch out for your own red flags or negative behavior. Try to find a way to be more optimistic and inspirational.

You’ll help inspire his life, and most importantly, you’ll feel better about yourself. Finding the right side of things will help you maintain a more positive attitude, which generally improves your life.

Do Capricorn Men Come Back?

Yes, most of the time. A Capricorn man values honesty and deep, meaningful relationships. If your relationship was truthful, you can be sure that the Capricorn man will come back.

Telling the man you love how you feel, what he means to you, and what you’d like to have with him is how you can win a Capricorn man back into your world.

Talking to each other helps open the door to communication. Communication can then lead to possibly working things out. Oftentimes, lovers remain friends, and if you still care for one another, anything is possible.

Will A Capricorn Man Come Back After A Breakup?

Breaking up with a Capricorn man is never easy. If something happened between you two that wasn’t too big of a deal, he’ll like to get past it and be alright with you.

All of this depends on how bad the breakup was, of course. You can’t force him to do anything. If he felt that the relationship wasn’t even close to what he really wanted, that could also be a problem.

You won’t know, though, unless you become his friend again and establish some clear lines of communication. Doing that will make it so that you two can open up to each other over time.

Remember, he’s a very proud man, and he’s also very stubborn. You cannot control him or the way he is. All you can really control is yourself and your own actions.

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Learn How To Keep A Capricorn Man In Your Life…

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As a friend, it was hard to watch her go through that.

But I knew how good he was for her, and I didn’t want her to give up on him. Even when our other friends were telling her to move on, I could see that he was the most incredible man she had ever met.

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71 thoughts on “What To Do If A Capricorn Man Wants You Back

  1. Cap man pursued me for a few months but I never went for it bcuz of the distance. We finally went out and hit it off. It was so easy and fun. Got close really fast and then he started acting different. I knew he was developing feelings so it confused me. Travelled to come see me twice. Met him at his mom’s. He did the hot n cold and after a large glass of wine, I got so frustrated that I left. I felt rejected when he didn’t want to get intimate. He stepped back and told me it was too stressful. He wasn’t the only one stressed out. I was “dramatic” and too “emotional.” Even tho it was a response from his roller coaster. I know now we went too fast and it caused too much pressure. I miss hanging out with him. It was so natural and I want to get back to that. I don’t know if I should totally step back or not. I’m clueless. I’ve never dated a cap and it’s foreign.

    1. Cap men play games to test how mentally strong you are. I am in a relationship with one who is coming out of a divorce. We have not been intimate and it’s frustrating.

      The only advice that I can give is, if he wants to be around you he will be a frequent texter and caller. They don’t like to share you with anyone. They can be a bit possessive. So you have to be strong and stand your ground but at the same time like a friend to talk to. But do keep in mind they like to test your patience.

      My cap is testing me right now saying let’s be friends but continues to call/text and come around. So I’m gonna set boundaries and see how that goes.

      1. Hi Lovely lady Crab!

        I don’t think Capricorn men play head games. They don’t like anyone playing games with them so it doesn’t make sense that he would. Testing, maybe but I doubt it. When they cool off it’s because they are either terrified of giving their heart to someone OR they are very unsure about what they’re doing. It also makes them confused and disoriented with relationships. Boundaries sound like a good idea though. It may make him get the lead out!

    2. Hi Alicia!

      Yes, Capricorn man tends to back off when he starts developing feelings. That’s actually a sign that he really cares for you deeply and is terrified of getting hurt. I know it doesn’t make any sense but that’s how they act. Hang in there and show him stability. Be who he fell for and don’t change. He needs to sort out his heart and learn how to open up and take a chance.

  2. I had a Cap man in my life. And all I could say is that he’s indeed hard to love, but it doesn’t matter to me how hard it could get. We broke up. He broke up with me because I did something he doesn’t like, and I’m aware of that. And I am totally regretting what I did (I did not cheat on him okay. I am loyal to him.) I want him back so bad but I don’t know what to do because we’re far from each other. I booked already an advanced ticket before he broke up with me because I wanted to visit and see him, but now I don’t know if I should still go and talk to him. He doesn’t talk to me anymore.

    1. Hi Lia!

      Why not go talk to him. You have every right to and you can also ask him to let you show him that he can trust you. That’s essentially what happens when they break it off due to a mistake is because somehow in their minds it’s betrayal or unjust behavior. Tell him you’d like to try again and show him that you can work at things better than before. If he cannot get past what happened then you may have to consider moving on. You shouldn’t have to change who you are for anyone. He should forgive and move forward but if he cannot then he’s not the guy for you.

  3. Crappy Cappy is an understatement smh … Going on 4 long rocky years with my pessimistic physco narcissistic Man…never have I met anyone like him and hope I never will again in my lifetime. He has been more than a handful with his weirded out personality smh. The beginning was all a mask. If you hang in there for 9 months to a year the truth behind the Grinch will surface. Don’t get me wrrong, I love the demon seed but he can be overwhelming. I left him more times than I can count. He walked out on me a few times that left unbelievable destructive memories that I will NEVER 4get smdh. He came with a lot of f*#%ed up secrets and after 4 years I am still finding out a bunch of nonsense smh … He can be down right pure Evil … Slowly but surely I found out WHY and rightfully so he was single when I met his crazy was lol smh … I could write a book about this and it would be a top seller with a quick movie deal to follow. Ok here is my journey with the lost soul smh lol… He can’t be open and honest. (Here he comes be back shortly)

    1. Hi Lioness4ya!

      My goodness, you’ve got a bad egg. I’m sorry to hear that. Capricorn should always tell the truth. Narcissistic… well some of them can be if they don’t check themselves. They carry high standards for people and that is what bites them in the rear. When people don’t live up to these standards, they see them as lowly. Not all Capricorn men are the same though and it sounds like your guy has his moon or rising sign in a place where he has a tendencies to keep secrets such as Libra, Scorpio, or Gemini. You might want to check into that. That could be the reason. I wish you well!

  4. No doubt crappy cappies are complicated pessimistic Dr. Jekel /Mr. Hyde split personality disorder people. I should’ve ran at first sign of the charming handsome GOAT smh. Now there is some good because when and if he behave himself he is Super Great but in a blink of an eye he turns negative as he spews his miserable venom… It’s sad …He is sad… Soooo gifted with potential but will never know it. He does things and conveniently forgets and then claim I am the one who did whatever smh.. He gets physical, angry, and confrontational when engaged in an uncomfortable conversation or position. It’s crazy how he can chatter it up but when challenged about his dark thoughts he gets highly defensive and reckless. I can agree with him and he gets aggressive smh… I have to bite my tongue constantly to avoid clashing with his horns out and my claws defending myself lol smh.. On the flip side he takes care of everything that needs fixing with a hammer, wrench, blow torch, screw driver, from the house to care but mentally, emotionally, and affectionately he is sadly hopelessly DE-Tached. In the beginning the affection and attention was a Gold mine 🙂 True Gem… He had manners beyond my expectations. He held the door. He held my hand when in private as well as out and about. He always carried all the bags and not afraid to grab my purse if need be. We smiled. We laughed. We dined. We cooked together. We spent genuine quality time together. Short lived to say the least. I found out he had a new born he failed to tell me about. He was on date sites after I stumbled upon his passwords. I found him confessing his love to his exes on FB and messenger but we aren’t friends on FB… Smh he claims that was stuff in his trash regardless that the stuff is dated.. He tells his sister all our business packed with lies. She is his confident and he feels comfortable making executive decisions with her instead of me or before we have a conversation smh .. Oh by the way we’ve been living together 2 years after his rent went up he asked if we can pay bills together and after some thought he moved into my home smh I pay a mtg and at some point he decided to pay me less than what we agreed… Slick ass.. Smh it’s draining and I doubt we will survive much longer because his motto is His way and only his way of NO PEACE. We get into it because I am strong willed and a no nonsense person. I am a leader with a big heart and always look at the bright side of life. Always willing to compromise and build with bricks but he seems to enjoy playing with straws, staying stagnant, and lost in his mind. I’ve been trying. Marriage will never be in the cards for us because he is more than a handful and I don’t want to end up old, miserable and in a lifeless relationship full of conflict. I advise to run because a PhD in psychology can’t help these Goats. They are rare had seeds. Mood Wrecker… Smh

  5. My cap man and i broke up today. Im a scorpio women whos trying to understand why he acts like he dont care at all. He spoke to me like we did not love each other, he spoke to me like i am the most dumb person on earth. I know, he had a bad silent fight with my mom who is also a capricorn .. im just tired of being a human punching bag of his negative emotion. I know, ive done my part. I visited him try to reached out to him try to fix our relationship (LDR Relationship for 2 years and half now) In just one snaps all our dreams turn into a ttumatic relationship . I dont know if im going to talk to him and make the first move AGAIN. Im so broke, and i cannot help it.

    1. Hi LALA! Capricorn men don’t ever want anyone to see that they are broken or hurt so yes, they come off as hard and uncaring. It’s not right but it’s a flaw that they carry. Him being mean to you is a way of pushing you back so that you don’t try to get back to him. If you know you’re done with his crappy behavior then you should just cut ties and walk away from him honey. If you do talk to him again, it will have to be on friendship terms otherwise you definitely deserve better! If you need more explanation of Capricorn, you might try my book “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

    1. Hi Fonda!

      It’s really a tossup with a Capricorn man whether or not he’ll come back. Some will take offense to it and decide you aren’t worth their effort. Others will miss you terribly and wonder if he’s done something wrong which makes him reach out. You have to look at his behavior as a whole to see which may be the case. You can try reading my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” and see if that helps you figure him out better.

      1. He broke up with me by surprise, I was having a fun day with him and my daughter, all of sudden he just acted abruptly and was rude, I didn’t know what happened m, he doesn’t talk so he accumulate negativism in his chest, he doesn’t comunícate at all, so I don’t now what’s going on in his head, is not the first time, so idk what to do, probably I’m just done with him, he sent my friend to tell me he is done with me, he didnt even tell me that on my face. I did a lot for him, but who cares now.

  6. I recently broke up w my cap. Well, he broke up with me. After I was really good to him and did anything I could for him for a vey long time he up and changes on me tells me he doesn’t want to be together. I really don’t understand why but he thinks I’m unmotivated and angry. I am. But I need help, same way I helped him for so many years. He asked if we can be friends I said hell no. I deserve more than just your friendship. So I left. Now that it’s the end of the world he out of nowhere asked me if I needed anything, I’m gona be honest I need him back in my life. But I will never give him the satisfaction of knowing that after how bad he hurt me. And I just don’t know what to do. I don’t know if he’ll move without a push. And I don’t believe I should have to push. He already told me how he felt about this union betwn is.
    Idk I Wish things were different.

    1. Hi Scorpiolove!

      I”m sorry to hear about your break up. You can be the best person possible but if he keeps seeing a negative trait he doesn’t like, he becomes judgmental and uses that as an excuse to push you away. I don’t blame you for saying no to being friends. You deserve better than that. I think you should actually tell him how badly he hurt you. You deserve it to yourself to get it off your chest. Perhaps he can make amends with you but at the very least, you can get some closure. You don’t need to push, just be brutally truthful with him. I wish you the best darling. You deserve it!

  7. Hi, I was dating a cap for 9 months we where serious about each other I was considered his girlfriend. He found out he might be transferred and I said I would make the effort for a long distance relashionship,and that was ok for a few weeks but then he told me he didn’t want to have to deal with the father of my child so we should take time to think about it and meet up again. I left his house and blocked him all over cause I’m pretty sure he was going to break up with me very soon so I decided to do it first and decide to pull the no contact not sure what will happen??

    1. Hi Rachel!

      It does sound like he was looking for an excuse as to what sounds best for not keeping it together. It’s most likely he doesn’t want to have a long distance relationship and so he went for the easiest reason. Unfortunately it seems he found one. I wouldn’t look to rely on him to try long distance sweetheart. He doesn’t find it logical and if they don’t find it logical, they don’t do it. I’m so sorry! You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

  8. Hi there!
    I am a Cancer. I met my Capricorn bf at my sisters wedding. He happened to be the wedding photographer who noticed me and I noticed him. It was an instant attraction. People around us noticed that there was this energy between he and I. At the time I had a bf and the relationship was already going no where. My Cap knew this btw. As the wedding day ended he sent my sister an email thanking her for everything and in closing wanted to get the message to me to say Hello. It was the only way he could get to me because he and I never exchanged #’s at the event. Long story short, my sister gave me the message and I reached out to him via Facebook messenger and since than we were inseparable . Calling texting video chat. Oh btw we are several states away. So after a couple of mths of this non stop he came down and oh my gosh! Least to say when we got together It was blissful!He wanted to marry me , claimed he was bad at long distance relationships and knew what he wanted. He wanted to plan out or quick wedding and take over paying my bills. I was a bit hesitant cause I hardly knew him physically. But he insisted and wanted to help and get everything set up for us to start our lives together. He gave me his credit card to use but I had to ask him first before using it. I wanted to give it back to him but he insisted on me having it just in case cause he was too far to take care of me. He made me feel taking care of . He was always there for me even from afar. As him being a business owner so come the stresses of the job. As each wedding event came up weekly I could feel him stressing out just before the event and I can hear him complaint about my bills that were there before he was in the picture and this is exactly why I didn’t want him taking care of my business. I was the one who ended it sadly. Just him getting frustrated I didn’t know how to handle this. So I honestly didn’t want him paying my bills cause it added to the stress .. I was paying all my stuff before I met him. This stressed me out beyond and my anxiety was off the charts when I would hear him complain. So he would complain and than pay my bills and I would feel like crap.I told him I’d rather deal with my financials before we move on to the next level. I didn’t want to be the cause of all his frustration so I ended it and he was furious that I did. I never quite cut off communication with him. I fell in love with him and he was absolutely crushed that I ended it. We just needed some time and space and it took him a little time to gather his thoughts whether he wanted to try Us out again it was several weeks of hot and cold with him. I never gave up on him . I was patient and let him say what he had to say even if it hurt but I also told him what I wanted and whether he wanted it our not. He finally let go and now making plans again for our future. I absolutely love him and I keep thinking of what brought Us together. The feelings the energy that we have for each other is so magical

    1. Hi Harper!

      It sounds like you figured each other out. How wonderful! I am so very glad to hear that you knew what needed to be done and you two were able to talk about everything. Space and time did the trick and now you’re together happily. Good for you! Thank you for sharing your success story! You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

  9. Hi Anna,

    Virgo Woman crushing on a Capricorn who found me in a Singles group. We connected rather quickly, texting and calls all day. He is a single living in another State. We met June 26th, and by July 2nd he stated ge was being transparent with me and wanted to pursue a relationship with me. I agreed with him. The connection and conversations were beautiful. ON July 3rd, he was in awe at how much he was feeling me and attracted to me in every way. I’m absolutely loving it, for it had been years since I was that crazy about someone. By July 4th and 5th we were down to a few texts and him not responding. I text on the 6th, because he had mentioned he was sick, I kept very brief, no response. My last reach out to him was on tbe 12th acknowledging that I was being respectful of his need to isolate, that I missed him and our conversations. I ended the text on a positive note. No response from him and I wasn’t expecting one. We are still friends on fb, so I don’t believe he has ghosted me, and I’ve been trying to read up on everything you have out there. Does race play a part in the zodiac signs? Should I continue to wait and see if he returns , or cut my losses? It seems all that I have read from other women the men generally returns as if nothing has happened, but in some cases not.

    Thank you for your time

    1. Hi Tree!

      It sounds like your Capricorn guy has something going on that he isn’t ready to talk about. It keeps him busy and maybe even overwhelmed. I wouldn’t give up on him just yet. Just keep sending a sweet text now and then and I think when he’s able, he’ll reach out and tell you what was happening and that he’s sorry for not contacting you. Hang in there! You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

  10. I cant believe I am posting. I am facing heart break right now. I am a scorpio woman who was dating a cap man for a year and 5 months. The thing is I did not even like him in the beginning. A co worker of ours kinda made us come together and actually talk. He was really nice to be around and talk too. We started seeing each other every weekend due to our heavy work schedule. We couldn’t wait till Fri…doing that for 6 weeks he asked me to be his lady. We were so infatuated with one another. Even talked about eloping. Things started to slow down and time spent was no longer every weekend. We talked about moving in together but then we agreed to live separately another year. I forgot to mention I have two sons 16 and 7 and he doesnt have any so we wanted to make sure we did it right. Fast fwd we werent the same anymore. He would go a day or two without calling or texting then sometimes he’d be really sweet. It was confusing. I learned to not talk about marriage or moving in anymore because I didn’t want to push. He asked me out on a date and I was so happy…I felt like it was our first date all over again I even was nervous. There was an hr and a half wait for our table so he turns to me and ask do u want to go look at houses…I smiled and was like whaaattt u wanna go look at houses lol…we went and we both were all into it. In my mind I was like ok we are getting on track. We went to dinner and it was lovely. Two days later we were talking on the phone about what we can work on and how I rate him and him me. We laughed then it got wired. He said I know we talk about moving in and our future and so we have to be mindful on how we do things because you have a delicate situation. I said I know the boys…then out of nowhere he says I dont want to get married. I got quiet he said at first I thought it was I didn’t want to marry u, then I thought I was scared, then I sat with it and realized I just do not want to be married. I cried…I asked him well what are we doing then…he said I dont know…I got quiet again…I told him…maybe marriage isnt for everyone and we can work through this and still have a healthy relationship….he said I dont want to break up I said me either but then he said I cant live with the burden of u resenting me or hoping I change my mind. I told him its my life and my decision and I want to do this with u. He could not handle it he did not believe me…he told me I was honest about how I feel about dating with a purpose and all of a sudden I am willing to change all that for him. He said its not my core values to just accept. This killed me….for 8 days I tried to change his mind. I gave it space in-between those days. We are now going on week 3 and I really feel I lost my love because I opened my big mouth and wanted to have some morals about myself. I want to show him this is where I want to be but reading all the comments about making things work with a Capricorn is leaving me to feel hopeless at this point

    1. Hi Shante!

      It’s a matter of finding communication that works with the two of you. If you’re honest about how you feel, that should be taken into account. It’s possible you two are on a different page though. With you to on different pages, you need to find a way to be on the same one. You should focus on the now and not so much in the future. Try to work through the present and see where things lead you two naturally. Neither of you can control what is to come, let nature take it’s course and have patience for each other otherwise you’re waiting your energy on both sides. You can make this work but it’s going to take effort from you both. You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

  11. my cap broke up with me and it’s been 2 weeks of no contact. I finally contacted him saying we should talk and he agreed. Im scared to death that I am just going to hear in depth reasons why he doesn’t or can’t have a relationship. Im a pisces and this has been rough ? I know I meant a lot to him and he didn’t act like it during the breakup. He seemed like he had his mind made up and I told him not to contact me until he was ready to be all in and he never did contact me, but replied when I contacted him. Im wondering if anyone actually got their cap back if he came to you again after he broke up with you. The last time mine did that it only lasted 5 days and he was hasty. I got an i miss you text, but he says it feels different this time.

    1. Hi Noah!

      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been dealing with this. Maybe there is a misunderstanding between you that simply needs to be talked about. It’s not over until it’s over. Resurrect the reason you two fell for each other in the first place. Talk about the same things that got you two excited to even communicate at all. Get back to that and you may still have a chance. You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

  12. My cap , I’m a Taurus lady And we hung out for a week and I realized he posted and took friends out but uses me as a chef or just keeps me hidden.

    I couldn’t take this and we didn’t talk for 2 weeks, now he reached to me to come decorate his home and begged me too. But that’s it no intimate calls or texts. I’m confused is he using me or misses me. Is that why he is reaching out again. From A.C

  13. i’m a libra woman who ended up dating a capricorn. he was my ex’s mate, and we ended up hitting it off after a year or so when my ex & i had broken up, we had lasted for a couple of weeks and then we kinda just left eachother because he was busy. he had come back to me, & this was the first time he had come back to me, he told me he was sorry and he wanted to start over, we had started over and then we had left eachother again because he started ignoring me a lot. he came back again around last year, just before his birthday and apologised again, we got together again & we had lasted a couple of months before he broke it off because of school things. that’s when i had really fell for him because he really did invest his time into me and no man had ever done that for me, he called me a lot, visited me so much, and genuinely made me happy. i always thought it was my fault but in the end it wasn’t. he had left me again, & a couple of months later came back to me. he had apologised again and said he never wanted to hurt me, or it wasn’t his intention if i thought he was using me, and i had forgiven him AGAIN. we ended up having an argument, so our friendship didn’t last and i blocked him from everything & pushed him out of my life. i’m in another relationship now, and he’s just come back again, so this is 4-5 times he’s come back into my life. what does this mean? him and i are friends now, and we have called a bit & talked a lot. we don’t really talk anymore, i don’t really know why, i don’t know if he’s just ignoring me or he’s i don’t really know to be honest, i know he’s not busy because he plays games a lot, & i know that. he just stopped talking to me recently, and it’s got me thinking, why has he come back into my life so much times if i’ve hurt him?

  14. My sign leo and his carp man
    being with him 3 years, he have a lot admires. Also because of that I have big argument with him, he never compliment me and never express his feeling to me, I assume he have other lover because he treat me sometime hot and cold way
    i make him angry with me, because I ask him a lot question, I feel insecure
    after that silent treatment
    I take almost a week to convince him so he give me second chance but he did say he won’t treat me like previous time
    I love him so much but I doesn’t want to force him, I really don’t know he love me or treat me as back up girlfriend
    I also don’t know it is worth and right to start over again
    will he love me like previously?
    he want mature women which not my type
    me 26 and him 38 this years
    please give me some advise?

  15. Hello I’m Christian,
    I have bf cappy and I am a cancer we have been together for 4 months now going in to our 5th. In the beginning I see what everyone is saying the hot and cold and weirdness of him moving back, but coming together we have good times and he has been comfortable with me. I did his birthday but it seems like I messing up and always trying to find reassurance if we are okie I find small details that he’s still here and other times I just don’t know and maybe that’s where I’m at, he text me in the morning everyday but now it’s like 4 min to reply and small texting even tho this was him in the beginning but i could call and now when I call sometimes it just rings and I’ve been like is there someone else ? Like let me know so I can go an not get hurt but I talk to my sister and she said it sound like a test for you or he’s just comfortable to the point where this is the real him… and Idk what think at this moment. Is he cheating which I asked multiple times and he said no and I haven’t seen anything or just weary of me? We have communication but i feel like it’s getting faint and we suppose to hang out next weekend and me trying not to be too much Ima chill on the questions and just embrace what he’s giving me. ( by all means someone help before it’s too late to do what I need to do )

    1. Hi Christian!

      I think your sister is very wise. I couldn’t have said it better than she did. I would actually go ahead and talk to him about it though so that you can have peace of mind knowing what is going on with him and how he feels about you. It’s not wrong to ask him for more if you need it. He probably has no idea that you feel this way. Open up and tell him. If you need more information you should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  16. Hello!
    My cap boyfriend who ha been my childhood best friend broke up with me…he was damn serious about me n was after me for 1year so I got into a relationship after a year with him..after dating for a less then a month we got physical and he asked me if I’ve been physical with anyone else before..I said no he said he trusts me..but after sometime he went cold said he has never been physical with anyone before n feeling guilty and not sure about anything doesn’t wants to give me fake hopes and broke up with me…are there chances of him coming back???

    1. Hi Shaikh!

      It sounds like he’s dealing with his own anxiety issues. He must be fighting with his ability to over analyze things. To tell you the truth, there is no way for me to know for sure if he will come back or when. What I can say is that you give him time and space to get himself together then check up on him with a text saying “thinking of you, hope you’re doing well. would love to hear from you” will open up the gate for his response. If you need more tips, check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  17. Hi I am Taurus girl who fell for a Cap man, he told me he wasn’t looking for anything serious, I explained I was looking to date again and hopefully it will lead to something special, he didn’t ghost me but continued to see me and chatting/texting all the time, we became intimate. It was all playful, fun and flirty to begin with, talking for hours on the phone.

    After 6 months he started to pull away and said we were friends. I responded with I can’t be friends with someone I was attracted to, and walked away as needed space to get over this rejection.

    He decided to block me and wished me the all the best with my life on social media. Nearly a month later he unblocked me and messaged me as nothing had happened, he has called again and chatted but no discussion of what had happened or his intentions.

    1. Hi Sandra!

      It seems he started to realize what you wanted and that he wasn’t able to give it you. It’s most likely a fear he’s got looming that keeps him from committing. This would explain why he shut you out then came back around. I would play it out and see where it leads. Stay “friends” and see if he doesn’t step it up to give you what you want. He cares for you otherwise he wouldn’t be back. Don’t have sex with him though. I wish you the best!

  18. My cap boyfriend broke up with me and today is day 3 since it occurred. I was in disbelief and had no idea he had been contemplating for about a week on what he wants and the relationship. In June it’d be 2 years together. Everything was going well, I was happy, I thought he was happy. His reason for break up was that he needs to be alone right now. That right now he just wants to be alone and doesn’t want anybody. That he doesn’t want to check in daily, that he doesn’t want to call or text. He wants to be alone. That in the past week and this past weekend he realized that he was happy being alone but that doesn’t mean he’s not happy when he’s with him. That with his career picking up and being booked every weekend he just wants to do it alone. I listened and tried to provide options on how we could work this out together in balancing his work life and relationship, he had a moment of hesitation and just said he does not want to do that. Several things were discussed, he said that he doesn’t know how long he wants to be alone and that we will talk but doesn’t know when and that he doesn’t know about the future but that its possible for us. I did say I respect his decision and don’t agree with it, that I was not going to try to convince him bc I can’t force him to be with but that he known me long enough that just like him we are stubborn and that I am not one to text or call you, that I don’t see how we would talk again when I can see he made his decision and your not one to turn back on it, I questioned how is he so certain and so positive that we will start back up again bc how I see it we are over, that I’m closing this chapter of our lives and will move on bc its not healthy for me to wait for him and that I will give him the space and time to be alone. He did say that this was hard for him, that he does care but that this is what he wants right now.

    My question is, I’m unsure what to do. I’m a taurus woman. This is my 5th relationship, this is his first real long term relation and I am older than him. I’ve got my life together, work, education, my own place and for him this his time to make things happen for his career. I have always been supportive and he did acknowledge that and said that was not the thing. I tradiationly just move on and never look back. Now I’m questioning if I should do otherwise? Should I reach out? Do I make an effort for reconciliation? I deeply care for him and wish for us to get back together but I also want to respect his decision of him wanting to be alone. I’m torn.. I’m open to any suggestions.

    1. Hi JP!

      I’m not sure there is much you can actually do other than let go and see what unfolds. If he really does care then he will miss you and he will come back around. If he does feel the other path is more what he wants then he won’t come back. This is something he has to decide. What you have to decide is if you will wait around for him or if you will move on keeping your heart open for love that could come your way either from him or from someone who wants what you do. I wish you the best in your decision sweetheart.

  19. Hi there I’m a Libra woman Cancer moon whose heart has been broken by a cap man moon in Aries 4days ago. We have been dating for a 1yr & 4months & let me be honest at fist I was not interested in him, but obviously that changed. I was somewhat speechless yet bad a vibe it was coming when he told me he has too much shit going on in his life( finances & etc) & feels presured that he can’t give me the the attention that I want & deserve (calls/ texts weren’t as frequent). He said that we can hang out when he gets his life back in order and he said this isn’t goodbye because he cares for me. Not to mention he tried pursuing me 11 years prior which didn’t work out then 4 years ago that didn’t work out and now when I finally open up myself he’s telling me he needs to basically be alone. I feel like he is depressed though with everything going on. I’m just confused and I miss him.

    1. Hi T!

      I’m so very sorry that you were hurt by a Capricorn man. It does sound like he is trying to be a better man so that he CAN feel good enough for you. He wants to give you the very best and he cannot do that unless he can get his life on track. I know you will miss him but if you give him what he needs, it will help him achieve his goals and come back to you with a much more hopeful future. Think of what he said that it’s not goodbye. Hang in there and work on making yourself happy for awhile.

      1. Hi
        I am a Pisces female and dated a cap male last year March 2020-august 2020. I could tell he was most likely a crabby-cappy in his previous marriage but now is very self aware. He even refuses to touch alcohol now and wants to be in control of himself and emotions. I see him more as a cuddly Eeyore and it’s even a cute inside joke to us both. I have never laughed with someone so much. We truly get each other, even sexually we just seemed so in tune. He wanted to spend more time together and asked about getting our kids together to have more opportunities to do things as families. Great! But it never happened. He started backing off. After he asked for it!!!! Then he became more reclusive and did not want me coming to his baseball games anymore etc… I finally called him out on it and he said “I don’t think I can give you what you want. I am a loner.” WTF?!!! Ok fine. Bye! Of course we stayed friends we can’t not communicate and laugh together. I met someone else in September and my cappy (not knowing I just met someone) text me saying “I miss you and I would like to work on some of things you want” before I responded he sent me a funny meme and I acted like I never saw the text. He never mentioned it again and I went on to date the Taurus (LAWD! NEVER AGAIN!) any who…. the Taurus and broke up one month ago and last week was my 40th bday. I invited the cappy out with my friends. Bar with us drinking and loud music (his nightmare) but he came and we laughed and had a great time. He told me he missed me and would like to spend some time with me and we are going out this Saturday. Been talking every day and he tells me he can’t wait to see me this weekend. I see how caps can been seen as moody or flat sexually but I think you just have to know how to bring it out of them. Maybe because I’m a Pisces it’s different for me but I just love his moody ass and I laugh at him when he gets cranky and it brings a smile to his face. And I also think me putting my foot down is what he needed to light a fire under him.

        1. Hi Mandy!

          It truly sounds like your Capricorn guy is depressed. They are normally pretty confident in themselves and the fact that he isn’t and is a loner speaks volumes. He’s more into having it his way even if that means being alone. He doesn’t want the strings that come with a relationship because then he would feel he cannot do what he wants to do without answering to someone else. That is fairly typical. Maybe you can start again via the method you are using now. Take your time, no rush, no pressure. Yes, putting your foot down is effective. I’m glad you found a way to get to him. If you’d like to know more about this sign, check out my books on Capricorn man.

    2. Hi Ana,
      I’m Sag and my bf is Cap.
      In 2 years of relationship, it was so happy. We did overcome every struggles that we faced. Specially this pandemic situation, he respects me and love me in every ways. He accepted me as I am, and did everything to make me special. When I needed him, his always there financially, attention, love, etc. Yes, We did have a fight, misunderstanding but as an older with him, this is just a part of us to grow and to improved. We talked things whenever, and reflect on that. I know, I might offended him in some way but I needed him to realized his getting older as well. I felt, he bit distant on me and he said that I’d changed. I said that I did not changed, it’s natural that we need to mature. We’ll, he did texted me, calls, chat, religiously. He was very consistent. He always come to travel and see me after work, we eat together and ride me home safely even if his exhausted from work. He said we should see each other every week even tho we have a busy sked of work. We did celebrate our 2nd year anniv this Feb 13, he did gave me a letter which he personally wrote. I was shocked and very happy. He told me about his feelings that he love me so bad, and thankful that I understand him in every ways, he said we can do this and keep us together till the end.
      Feb 16, didnt know this person, but she message me on messenger told me he was cheating on me. Wayyy wayy older that mee. It was his senior. I’m shocked! I confronted him and he said he did not. I should believe on him than anyone else. I feel devasted, mentally exhausted, I was hurt, so confused. I disappeared, we did not talked for 1 week now. He did not reach on me like he always did. He never call or text. But we still on a relationship on Facebook, he did not change and deleted our pics on fb, im still his cover photo. I don’t know. Felt so sad. I’m so afraid.

      Do u think he still love me? I don’t know wat his thinking right now!!? I don’t know..

      1. Hi K.I.!

        Sometimes random women who want him may make up lies to break you up. It could also be someone he knows as well. Either way it’s hard to know for sure if she’s telling the truth of he is. You need to trust your gut on this. Sit in a relaxing position and take several deep breaths then when you are fully relaxed, ask yourself if he cheated. If you feel your stomach get really tense then the answer is yes. If you feel calm as if there are no worries then this will be a no. Give it a try. Also you can read my book for more insight that could help.

  20. Hi Anna I know you might not read this but I’m trying posting my story on your website but it didn’t work I thought my best bet was to message you. I’m a Libra woman with a cancer Moon who was dating a cat man Ares Mana for about a year and a few months. My heart is kind of aching right now cuz he just told me about 4 days ago that he needs to focus on himself and he doesn’t think you can give me what I want and deserve right now cuz his life is crazy financially. I was speechless yet I felt it coming you know when you feel your intuition. He told me that this isn’t goodbye and that he still cares and has love for me and that we can still hang out one of these days when he gets his life under control again he just feels pressured right now. I just don’t know how to feel because he tried talking to me 11 years ago which did not work then he tried again 4 years ago did not work and finally a year ago he gave it a try and it worked not to mention I wasn’t interested in him at firstBut then he slowly open me up and we became so close talking everyday and everything. I just don’t know how to feel or what to do should I just wait for him to get his life together should I give him space I just don’t know

  21. I known this cap since April of last year. I really liked him. But he was hot and cold and I didn’t know why. He ended of getting in a relationship end of May. Early May he told me he was talking to someone, I said okay I didn’t mind bc I stayed losing interest. He ended up always sending me pics/vids of her to try to make me jealous. He got insecure. He kept breaking up with her/getting back together bc he was trying to get me to talk to him again. Soon as I did, he started talking to another girl. By end of August I had enough and called him out on it and him trying to make me jealous, he got mad and rude and told me off and unadded me off social media. Now, he’s watching my social media thru a fake account. I wonder why tho when he left me for someone else.

  22. I known this cap since April of last year. I really liked him. But he was hot and cold and I didn’t know why. He ended of getting in a relationship end of May. Early May he told me he was talking to someone, I said okay I didn’t mind bc I stayed losing interest. He ended up always sending me pics/vids of her to try to make me jealous. He got insecure. He kept breaking up with her/getting back together bc he was trying to get me to talk to him again. Soon as I did, he started talking to another girl. By end of August I had enough and called him out on it and him trying to make me jealous, he got mad and rude and told me off and unadded me off social media. Now, he’s watching my social media thru a fake account. I wonder why tho when he left me for someone else. (It keeps saying it’s not posting my bad)

    1. Hi Manda!

      Oh my goodness. This Capricorn guy sounds like he has some mental problems. This isn’t normal Capricorn behavior. Most Capricorn men would think that this is beneath them and wouldn’t act like that. I wonder if he has some psycho tendencies in him. Yikes, good thing you dodged that bullet. If you want to know more though, check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” to give you a better idea of what a Capricorn man is supposed to be like.

  23. I dated a Cap Sun Libra moon and rising. I am a Virgo sun Scorpio moon and Gemini rising. We dated for 8 years. I noticed recently that he hasn’t been responding to my calls or texts. I felt something was very off but couldn’t figure it out. I sent him a text about him ghosting me and he never responded. I sent him one final text days later letting him know that I saw what the problem was ( I wasn’t following through or keeping my word about a known issue) well anyway he still hasn’t responded. When we saw each other last there was no argument. We had a good time. But know I’m ghosted and afraid to reach out to him. As a Virgo, I’ve planned to call him in March, which would be two months since we’ve spoken. I’m not sure what to do at this point TBH. I love this man dearly. Do I wait for him? Do I leave it alone? I’m afraid I’ll never speak to him again if I don’t make another move. What do you think??

  24. Hi I am a Leo woman, I was talking to a Capricorn man and everything was going really good. He was treating me really sweet and lovely and had hanged out. A few days after hanging out I noticed that he started acting different. Wasn’t replying as fast or sending as much cute messages. He ended up breaking things off with me and I didn’t bother to reply and only liked his message because I was very much hurt. I ended up texting him a few days letter and sent three texts and a phone call. In which he declined, I wanted to explain myself and also wanted him to explain himself as to why he suddenly cut things off. He claimed it was because of school and that he still liked me. So now I don’t know what to do or if he’ll ever contact me again. I’m just really upset because we had so much in common and now I’m left feeling clueless and upset that maybe he really won’t come back again.

    1. Hi Emily!

      That sounds odd to be totally honest with you. I think maybe you should tell him that if he still likes you and wants to talk to you that he should put in a little effort. Tell him that you want to hear back from him at the very least whenever you message him. If it’s true that he does still like you, he will talk to you about it. If he doesn’t then he’ll be cold and continue not being responsive. If you would like more on the Capricorn man behaviors, please check out my book.

  25. I was talking to a cap man for 4 month mind you never meet him. he Ft a few times had a great conversation in between the months I pulled away from him twice because his efforts completly lacked from what I was given him which his obvisly ate up . I started just going on date which I made clear on ig since he never made plans to take me and down the road stated to talk to me again , and basically accused me of being disloyal. Like how ??? are u brain dead bro … u never took me out u hardly made effort , texted me when he pleased and I am suppose to wait around for him when he was ready? I think NOT! so despite that because if felt I had a connection with him we tried again and said I would not date other guys while talking to him so he agreed to clean slate. We had a nice convo for a week then he disappeared again so I disappeared then we finally talked after our childish behavior I finally expressed how I felt and what I wanted . he said we need to finish this convo beaus it was very late at night . Told me he was going to call me next day. its been two days have not heard a call nor a text. I am dubmb founded and unbelievably hurt by his ghosting move. I feel he cant be with me but cant let me go either and I know in a few weeks he ll contact me again and he is ghosting me right now because I set boundaries he clearly didn’t like or agree. what is is wrong with these man cause I can relate to all of these women. I don’t understand this !!!!

    1. Hi Gevavee!

      He has no real reason to be upset. If he isn’t the one taking you out and isn’t even trying to then he loses out. That’s on him, not on you. You have every right to do as you please. Tell him if he wants to commit and actually get together to spend time together to hit you up otherwise, you’re doing to do your own thing. Being loyal to someone online is ridiculous when you haven’t actually been face to face in order to see what the chemistry is and if you even want to be together going forward. He’s acting out and that’s not cool. You do you sweetheart but you want to decode the Capricorn man’s brain, you’re more than welcome to read my books about Capricorn Man Secrets. I wish you well!

  26. I dealt with a Cap for about a month and decided to leave him where he was. Everything started off very nicely and we had so much in common. We shared the same goals and the same outlook on life. We even wanted to same type of future. He started calling me his girlfriend, calling me “baby” and saying “I love you”. He worked a lot and traveled as a dispatcher. Since I was under the impression that we were dating, I made a simple request which was “Since I don’t get a chance to see you often, I would like to at least hear from you. Just a few seconds of your time just to know that you are okay.” He told me I was complaining and that it was too early to complain. He said we were “just friends who are getting to know on another.” Friends don’t do or say what he did/said. That upset me completely and left me confused. We were supposed to finish our conversation but he kept putting it off. Days went by and I still didn’t hear from him, but I noticed he was viewing my stories on social media. I decided to delete his number and block him because I was tired of the confusion and the disappointment. Crappy Cappy indeed, only cares about himself.

    1. Hi Simone,

      It sounds more like he’s being non committal but wants to keep you around for when he does come back and spend time with you. You’re absolutely correct. A man in love would never then turn around and say you’re just friends getting to know each other. Capricorn men that have their heads on straight don’t through love around like it’s a verb. They wait until they know for sure that’s how they feel. This guy sounds like he’s not worth your efforts at all. I hate to say it but yep… crappy. Not all Capricorn men are like this though so don’t write them all off because of this bad egg. I wish you the best!

  27. We met online and having regular video call everyday until things become a bit saturated after 3 months, we agree to have regular contact but still video calling every 2-3 days a week. We live in separate countries, that made even harder to build a relationship. He has been a sweet and attentive person even during my roller coaster PMDD period. He’s a musician and pretty much an artist rather than on commercial one. He said that he doesn’t have strong business acumen to build his business network and prefer to focus on production side. He felt that he need to build his self confidence and career. He felt bit intimidated by my fast track business career.

    After 7 months of daily chat and video call, I initiate to ask him the possibility that I continue master degree in his country and finding job there on September 2022, meanwhile we can manage staying together as he wished on the 1st place of our conversation. He said he’s not ready for such thing because he thinked it’s way too fast to plan staying together. I was disappointed by the response and keep it not to discuss further. He even said he’s been close with his adult pupil (he’s a piano teacher too) and trying to figure it out about potential relationship with her. I was crashed but keep calm and respect his decision. We agreed to be good friends for each other until we can meet up for real, building relationship during pandemic is indeed hard. We still communicate daily and video calling.

    Until one day (last week) I shared my successful business deals and he replied that we need to manage communication just for few days/month because he wanted to focus on his current project (rather busy) and his new growing relationship with the adult pupil. I was shocked by such response and called him immediately and told him how cruel he said that to me as I’m on the state of sharing my happiness. We have long fiery chat back & forth and I said that he didn’t respect me equally as friend. He strongly disagreed with my statement that he will always respect me but unfortunately he made bad timing to comment on previous chats. He has no intention to making me hurt.

    One day after, I made long lists how everything beautifully started and then falling apart (20 lists) and he replied one by one on those lists. I decided that we don’t need to connect any further because it’s clear that we see different direction. He respected my feeling and we thanked to each other for the good time and apologised for the uncomfortable ones.

    1. Hi Dora Taurus!

      Wow! It sounds like even though things did go well and/or fell apart you were both open to each other and discussed things very rationally which is fantastic! I wish you had told me your sign. Now you kind of have an idea how Capricorn men can be. Just remember, they are not all the same. If you want to know any more about them, you can check out my books on Capricorn Man Secrets.

  28. Hello I’ve come here to get some direct advice with my cap because I definitely don’t know what to do anymore.

    I’m a Leo and I met my cap 11 months ago, everything started naturally, we have a lot of chemistry (sexual and romantic) and we are very compatible. However, he put me through a lot of tests of all type to make sure I was the one, he even made sure my family’s values and mindset were the right ones because his exes used him and cheated on him (making his trust issues even worse and making him even more insecure). So I went through all the tests, made him open up with a lot of patience, helped him be more confident and I never betrayed him or his trust (I was actually his confident); We even went on a date once, and it was perfect but he never kissed me even though he acted like my boyfriend through all the date. However, after I expressed my desire of making things official, he panicked and said he was not relationship material, and even though he loved me he couldn’t provide a stable relationship. So, I said okay let’s be friends then and we will go from there, he agreed and we actually started being friends but he kept on testing me, playing hot and cold, and continued with the emotional rollercoaster; it got to the point in which he started ignoring my text and replying minutes (or even hours later) after being very rude, mean and even apologizing for everything he put me through.

    I told him many times he was hurting me and that I didn’t like being ignored, that I would rather him to be honest and tell me directly he didn’t want to talk or if he didn’t like my company anymore. But every time he said nothing was wrong, lied or invented excuses as of why he couldn’t text back or call (when he was always texting me and even called several times at the beginning). I got tired of the lying and emotional rollercoaster game, so last Sunday I tried to call him and talk about it, but he rejected all my calls and when I texted him and told him how I feel and reminded him all the times I tried to talk to him about his issues and behavior towards me he was very rude and acted as if he didn’t care about me or my feelings and just said “you have said too much already, just stop texting and calling. That doesn’t make sense and it will not make me answer. Just wait for me to answer.” I waited two days for him to answer, he didn’t, so I called and texted again because I deserved an answer (and I was already very upset) and he gave me his word and said he was going to call.

    He never called, and on Thursday the 15th he decided to finally text me and tell me the truth and he said that he couldn’t confront me because I was right about everything I told him, that I was perfect but he was the one with the problem and he couldn’t pay me that much attention (or reply my texts or calls). I would like to highlight the fact that we texted (or talked) every single day, we had a routine and schedule to talk (due to work hours) and I made all the efforts, changes and adjustments from my end for things to work and to make him feel comfortable and willing to commit but I didn’t receive the same from him (he tried several times, for a couple of weeks, but then he went back to his weird behaviors). After those text, I didn’t reply anything and I am very confused about what should I do. I don’t know if I should wait for him to be ready and be patient (He said that after he’s ready he’ll come for me, but he doesn’t want me to sit back and wait as it could take him years) or if I should never talk to him again even if comes back.

    I love him with all my heart, deep down he is a great person, I want him to come back and talk to me every day as always (I miss his company so much) and there were moments in which I felt very loved and respected. But he acts as if he had two different persons inside of him and he could never made up his mind towards me. Please help me decide, and any other advice is highly appreciated.

    1. Hi Carolina!

      It sounds like your Capricorn man has some strong Libra or Gemini in his chart that is causing him to be indecisive. You cannot really force things to happen if he’s ask you for time and has told you that after he’s ready he’ll come back around to you. All you can do at this point is give him that time. Step back, go about your life, do things you enjoy, and make yourself happy. He may come quicker than you realize by you doing you. He will likely miss you and see how independent you are being. This will make him want to be around you more. If he does come back, you two need to sit and talk about the ground rules of your relationship so there is no misunderstanding going forward. You should check out my books also on Capricorn Man Secrets for more information!

      1. Hello Ana and Community!

        I have some updates. After you replied, I took your advise, calmed down and let him do everything at his own pace. However, even thought he was acting different and more loving, I needed at least to know what is it that he felt for me after a whole year of our “friends acting like boyfriends” relationship; so I asked him directly if he loved me because I loved him. He ignored me, ignored my calls, ignored my request and after a lot of chasing he answered that he feels nothing for me, that he doesn’t want a relationship and that he was very serious about his feelings. After a complete year of giving him everything I had, accepting all his terms and being with him he said he feels nothng. Me as a Leo can’t take this anymore, I need to at least be and feel loved. I blocked him everywhere and I don’t want to see him or talk to him again; I wished him to be very happy now without me and I apologized for being so stupid and believing he loved me due to the way he treated me.

        Do you think he will try to chase me and regret what he said? Is there any chance? I am very hurt but I love him very much. Please help me.

        1. Hi Carolina!

          Since I’ve already given you advice, I cannot really do that more in this way. I highly suggest that you order my Capricorn man guides and obtain your one free VIP consultation with me so that I can give you a more in depth look. If you do, be sure you provide me with his birth information as well as yours. I wish you all the best sweetheart and please, trust your intuition!

  29. Im a pisces i dated a cap man for 2years and a half. We have a strong chemistry we tell each other everything. Even when we fight we always apologize and go back stronger. But then he broke up with me saying he is not ready for a relationship and he wanna stay as very close friends i was so hurt tried to reason with him then i accepted now 4months later as friends i still love him but he says he doesn’t love me like i do. You know even as friends we acted as a couple i don’t know what to do anymore im thinking of not contacting him for a while but not sure i can. I don’t understand him

    1. Hi Nina!

      It may be that you cannot stay friends with him because of your feelings you have. Tell him that. Be totally honest about it. That may mean cutting him off and not being friends if it hurts you too much. I am so sorry he wasn’t on the same page as you with feelings. Sometimes it happens that way. If you’d like to learn more about the mind of the Capricorn man, you can check out my books on Capricorn Man Secrets. I think you should try the no talking route and see what happens with him. I wish you the best!

  30. So me & my Capricorn man were dating for about 4 months we hit it off fast we spent the whole 4 months together really grew a close & deep connection by the 3 month we decide to make it official . I then end up finding out through a phone call he was dealing with a 18 year old girl behind my back & she claims she pregnant. The girl was very rude and wanted to be confrontational with me . So Of course I was hurt & upset about the whole
    Situation in itself so I did get very upset with him & said a lot of things out of anger and broke things off with him he reached out to me here and there for a about two weeks but me being so busy working & my attitude we really didn’t get to talk as much as we should’ve & I kept acting as if I didn’t wanna hear it & things were done until I woke up one day & he had blocked me on everything & I’m honestly hurt I feel like we didn’t have the closure & conversation we needed and I feel as if he gave up on me & chose her & I’m honestly hurt & confused and don’t know what to do.. it’s like I know he’s wrong & wasn’t being completely honest but I do truly love him & feel like closure is needed & will he ever block & reach out to me again.. Any advice ?

    1. Hi Key!

      Be 100% honest in telling him that you need closure because you’re still having difficulty with what happened. He should actually be able to tell you and give you the closure you need. If he has you blocked, find another way. Find a mutual friend if you have one that’s on the same social media you’re on and have them reach out to him telling him that same thing only to reach out to you. Don’t ever be afraid to be blunt with Capricorn. They need it and want it. Truth is important to them. I wish you all the best in healing sweetheart.

  31. I am a taurus women + have been talking to capricorn man on and off for two years now. We were never official. There was a point in that time where we didn’t talk for ~9 months. I messaged him out of the blue one night and so now we’ve been talking again. He said he knows he hurts me and that’s why he hasn’t messaged me. It’s so hard to talk to him sometimes. He always feels so far away. I know he pushes me away but I get confused. I always try to be open + honest with him, tell him how I feel. But the moment I ask him how he feels, that’s when he runs the other way. I even ask if he sees us going anywhere and he says he doesn’t know. He tends to avoid the subject and that’s when I get so upset. The most recent time I told him how I felt, he did tell me he was bad at showing emotions and that he can’t commit. But does that mean he can’t or he doesn’t want to with me? He also started talking down about himself saying he’s a piece of shit + pushes people away. I just get so confused because he keeps coming back after I try to let him go. I just want to know if he sees us going anywhere or if I’m just some random that he’s keeping around. We’ve been at this a few times now. Sometimes I think he just doesn’t like me enough. I always think he’s going to just stop talking to me and be done but then he messages me again. He always says we should talk but whenever I’m with him he doesn’t say anything, he just acts like nothing happened.

    1. Hi Victoria!

      If he is having low self esteem issues, this is why he goes back and forth sweetheart. It’s not a common occurrence which means something really scarred him in his life or he’s not accomplishing his best life thus leaving him wanting. He need to get himself together or get some help because he will not change if he doesn’t. He needs to get out of his rut. He can do it but he has to want it. You can stick around to see if he does it or you can focus on yourself for awhile. Maybe he’ll be inspired to be better. I wish you the best!

  32. My Cap guy and I broke up nearly a year ago after a bad argument. I had confronted him at the time about his behaviour which included distancing, not inviting me to things or taking initiative and becoming avoidant. I had told him weeks before I that communication is important to me and that I wanted things between us to work. I think this confrontational discussion caused him to pull away and I decided not to bring it up again until we had an argument.

    We have since seen each other only a handful of times since breaking up at social events but managed to keep things fairly surface level. It took me over 6 months to mend from the heartbreak I felt from him saying he no longer has feelings for me. I recently saw him and followed up by sending a message saying it would be good to catch up and he has agreed to meet up. How can I tell if there is a chance for us again?

    1. Hi Taurus gal!

      Well when you two meet up (if he follows through as he may not), talk to him and you will definitely be able to feel whether or not there is still something there. If he talks to you but is still cool and aloof then he’s on his guard which may also mean he isn’t into it but wanted to be friends still. Of course it goes without saying that he if he doesn’t show up then he’s pretty much closed that door. If he shows up and he’s friendly, optimistic, and talks like normal then there may still be a chance. I wish you all the very best sweetheart!

  33. My cappie called me every day for five months and never admitted that we were more than friends until I took the step and said I wanted to be with him. Personally I wished that he would’ve made the first step but I kind of got impatient and tired of not expressing how we felt. Till this day he claims that he made the first step because he initiated the kiss first… we’ve had our struggles in the one year we’ve been together. I’m too expressive with my thoughts and feelings and he’s not at all. He holds everything in. I’m very communicative and he can’t grasp why it’s so important for me to talk everything through. There needs to be rational behind it, emotion or intuition isn’t it. So eventually, after one year it was too much for him and he broke it off impulsively. He came back, but he had already broken my heart. He gets mean when he’s overwhelmed, you see. There’s no way I can take him back after that, no matter how much he loves me or I love him. To me a relationship is about respect, trust and good communication.

    1. Hi Liz!

      Yes… Capricorn men are the strong silent type when it comes to feelings. You’re exactly on point that they don’t do well with emotions or intuitions. You need to always do what is best for you because if you don’t listen to your intuition, you can get hurt again. If you are sure that he would still be the same then yes, you are doing the right thing and I applaud you. I wish you all the very best!

  34. I’m Libra in love with Cap man. We met in 2014 he asked for my number it was hot and heavy but we didn’t sleep with each other till maybe 3 months later. We posted a picture of each other on our facebook then one girl posted on his wall “thank you” with hearts. I asked what that was all about then he ghosted me. Later found out he was seeing her. I text him to never call me again and blocked him. I ended up going back to my ex. Four yrs later I got a friend request from him, i accepted then he started private messaging me, apologized for how he handled things. My boyfriend that I had taken back were split up again for only one month. I started seeing my cap guy but called it off once my boyfriend asked to come back. Did see my cap guy till a year later when my ex ended up going away for a long time. That was in 2019 and my cap guy and I started seeing each other again. I met his friends, his family and relatives, went to outings he took me on vacations. His family would tell me that he really must love me and wants to be with me because he’s never brought any woman around them. After 2 years together I wanted to meet his kids he said they didn’t want to meet anyone he was with because of his toxic girlfriends in the past. The end of September he told me he was feeling a certain way, didn’t want to continue with his hobbies anymore just wanted to go home after work to be in his man cave and really hesitates to call me because he sometimes doesn’t know what to talk about. A week later he called me with bad news about his child. Very sick child. I had invited him to my birthday dinner, he was planning on going then last minute called me and backed out and said “it’s not you, I just can’t, I don’t feel right going” then his weekends were spent out of town to help with his child (adult child) but needed to be there. I was being supportive and understanding. He’s call but with any questions, he’d snap at me and be rude, calls were depleting. His routine was to call everyday all day whether we were at work or not. Just spend Friday and maybe Saturdays together. He was stressing out telling me he might just have to move to be with his child. Then one day he calls, sound very angry and says “I can’t do this anymore, I don’t want to get married or live together or want to be checking in, I might have to move out there and I’m not blaming my kids for this either. I asked “are you breaking up with me?” he said “I HAVE NO CHOICE!” then next day calls to tell me “its not you, it’s me. All this after 5 years together. Then come the rumors that he’s moving up there to get back with his ex that he’s been apart with for 10 years and he’s going to marry her. I confronted him with a text he text back very angry and cuss words. I recently sent an apology text for not believing him,. No response. I’m still very shattered, heartbroken and don’t know what to do. I don’t know if it’s my gut telling me he’s got someone else or my anxiety, my insecurities getting the best of me. We are in our late 50s. We are too old for this. We talked about marriage plans like best man and maid of honor, church, halls???? I’m so in shock and dumbfounded right now.

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